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The Tech & RnD Expo, IIT Bombay was organized this week (7th-8th October) by the Institute Technical Council in collaboration with the Academic Council. The expo provided a platform for the technical bodies of the institute to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. The technical projects (ITSP) and research (SURP) work done by the students predominantly in their summers were also on display in this expo.

A major attraction of the expo were the ITSP (Institute Technical Summer Projects) projects made by freshers. With projects like “Smart Specs”, a visual recognition and text to speech conversion system to aid blind people, the expo witnessed all kinds of creative ideas from the freshmen.

Research Symposium

The research symposium included SURP projects completed by students under the guidance of various IITB professors. Some of the highlights were “Jellow Communicator”, an app to facilitate smooth communication for speech impaired children with an appealing, user-friendly interface and “Study of Hypergolic Propellants” a project by DRDO labs that has applications in rockets and missile thrusters for maneuvering mid flight.

Involving the tech bodies

The tech bodies of the Institute like IITB Racing, AUV, and Pratham also presented the projects they’re working on for various international competitions. These were long-term projects with the specific purpose of having industrial applications with an efficient budget.

Visiting alumni commended all the innovative ideas and projects of the students and encouraged them to implement their designs into real-life applications.

“The event was a success. I thank all the participants who took time out of their schedule to present their ideas to us. We aim to increase the footfall of people attending in coming years, especially industrial people with corporate experience.” said Sahil Bhargava, Institute Secretary for Academic Affairs.

The expo concluded with a certificate distribution and felicitation ceremony by the Dean of Academic Programmed and the Associate Dean for Research & Development.