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The phase-1 of IITB’s Placement Process for 2019-20 went on from 1st December to 15th December, and like every year, the institute witnessed numerous companies from a variety of work profiles and industries coming to the campus to recruit students.

Insight reached out to Prof. Viren Menezes, Professor-In-Charge, Placements, with regards to the placement statistics for the batch of 2020. The professor responded to our questions and gave us an overview of the statistics.

According to the official statistics, 1172 students were placed out of a total of 1756 students who registered for the process. However, more than 300 of the 1756 students would have been unable to participate in the placement process, due to various reasons.
Over 164 PPOs were offered prior to the start of the placements. Only 116 of these were accepted by the students.

In 2019, out of the 390 companies expected, 324 companies participated in the first phase. Out of the following, the 1172 students placed in total were placed in 265 of the 324 companies that had visited the campus. The average package offered, in terms of CTC, is Rs 20.34 Lakhs.

If we compare the current statistic with that of the previous year, we can see a drop in the number of companies that participated – 324 from the 361 companies that participated in 2018-19 in Phase-1. However, the important thing to note would be that while 1122 students were placed in 245 companies the previous year, there has been an increase this year with 1172 students getting placed in 265 companies by the end of phase 1.

37 jobs were offered by an Engineering and Technology company that works on Guidance Systems. This was the highest number of jobs offered by a single company this year.

All in all, albeit with a few hiccups, the placement team has done a tremendous job in making the Placement season a resounding success this time around as well, and we would like to applaud them for their efforts. Also, we would like to wish all the students who have been placed the best of luck for their future!