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Musings of a Sophomore

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Image Source: Musings of a Sophomore   Contributors: Ammar, Gaurav, Hiral, Prerna, Sanya, Navjit, Sreyashi   Now that all UG sophomore students are allowed to return to campus for their fourth semester, we take a glimpse at the journey of one such young adult making the transition from a completely online experience of the institute from home to campus life.  10.12.21 01:00 p.m. Finally, I got a break for lunch. The last lecture was really frenzied and the topics got blurred as time passed. But whatever, I don’t want to think any more about...

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Campus Return Updates

Reading Time: 5 MinutesAn Open House session about Campus Reboot was held recently, with several institute functionaries including Prof. Kundu (Dean of Student Affairs), Prof. Prita Pant (Associate Dean, Academic Programme), the COVID Task Force and student representatives. With the COVID situation showing significant improvement after the 2nd wave, the institute is planning to gradually open up to allow all students on campus. Several students have already been staying on campus for over a year, including post-graduate and final year undergraduate students, and those with resource constraints. The next semester is scheduled to start on 1st Jan in a...

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Aditya Mittal – Core Electrical – Nvidia

Reading Time: 3 MinutesHere we have Aditya Mittal, a 2019 IITB graduate from the Electrical Engineering Department. He had a PPO from Nvidia and went on to be an ASIC Engineer at Nvidia. He describes his experience and word of advice in the following blog! What was your main motivation for sticking to a core job? I stuck to my job in the core sector because it is exactly what I wanted, from a job. The work is challenging enough to keep me interested, the work-life balance is great and I am learning and growing every day. What prompted...

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Mohil Patel – Software – NVIDIA

Reading Time: 5 MinutesHere, we have Mohil Patel describing his experience of being a Software Engineer at NVIDIA. He is an IITB alum who graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2020 and went on to work in NVIDIA before joining as a Master’s Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read on to know more about his experience. What was your main motivation for sticking to a core job? I did my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and worked for a year as a software engineer at NVIDIA. So, it was the natural option in my case. What prompted...

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