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The second decade of the century has already concluded. The Institute completed its diamond jubilee, multiple new hostels were built, new departments and academic programs were introduced, and IIT Bombay soared to newer heights in international rankings.

With the immense support of students and the administration, Institute’s official student media body, Insight also completed 20 years down the path. With our articles, whether on social platforms, in print editions or special editions, Insight has always been committed to bringing student’s issues in the open.

As another eventful decade comes to a close, we decided to look back into our archives and curate a list of 10 pieces that we published over the last 10 years. Each of these articles has achieved some unique – be it tackling a very time-sensitive issue or presenting a commentary on the life of insti populace that has stood the test of time. We have chosen one article from each editorial board of the body from 2010-11 to 2019-20. Read on to know about our picks and why they are still relevant.

IIT HOSPITAL: Avoidance is Better Than Cure?  

Year 2010-11, Chief Editors – Nikunj Jha, Nupur Joshi

The article took a dig at then, not so good, conditions of the Institute hospital. It brings into light the complaints registered by the students and compares the available facilities with other prominent IITs. While investigating the reasons for shortcomings, the piece also covers the administration’s further plan. IIT Bombay hospital has come a long way since then, improving the services, minimizing the complaints. [Page 8]

Big Brother is watching

Year 2011-12, Chief Editors – Archit Kejriwal and Ayush Baheti

With the penetration of technology in every aspect of life, the debate on privacy is more relevant than ever. The editorial tries to look into the issue we didn’t even know existed. Online/offline surveillance, biometrics, CCTVs, are some of the ways the institute keeps an eye on students. In each of the aspects, the article tried to explain the breach of student’s privacy. The writing involves a perfect balance between safety and control, in other terms privacy vs surveillance. The situation, even after all these years, is not much encouraging, the issue still persists, all the same, students still unaware of the problem. For the article, please check out page number 6 in the given document. [Page 6]

Why don’t we study at IITB? (Part 1 and 2) 

2012-13, Chief Editors – Nidhi Shanbhag and Saideep Kishore Sudi

In a country where more than a million students compete for a coveted seat in IITs, the creme de la creme that makes into IIT Bombay are expected to be interested and passionate in academics. This piece tried to address some concerns raised by professors regarding apparent dip in quality in academics of undergraduates over the years. A survey was conducted and the various possible causes/reasons for these concerns were analyzed in this series. Various measures by the institute to rekindle interest in academics were also discussed. [page 6]


IITB- Y U No Care? – General Apathy of Institute towards students

Year 2013-14, Chief Editors – Anubhav Mangal and Suman Rao

This article talks about various persistent problems faced by the student community. Through multiple testimonies from students, it highlights the poor living conditions and lack of basic amenities for students and pushes for improvements. There have been some improvements, but even after 7 years, many of the promises made by the administration remain unfulfilled which is not suitable for a premier institute which wants to compete with the best in the world. [Page 4]

We don’t need No segregation

Year 2014-15, Chief Editors – Anshul Avasthi and Chirag Chadha

Based on a survey conducted among freshmen on issues such as region, language, caste, religion, and gender, this article represents the data using very lucid illustrations. Trying to find out where the institute stood in various differences, the authors have managed to provide an enriching picture of the student community. For most of the part, the conclusion is left for the readers. While IITB is rather on the good side of the coin, the situation is still far away from ideal, changes take time and we can only hope for good. [Page 11]

Loss of a lie – Moments from a Quarter-Life

Year 2015-16, Chief Editors – Mihir Kulkarni, Niranjan Thakurdesai

One of the far reached articles of the tenure, Loss of a lie, written by a final year student, takes you up on the journey of an average IIT Bombay student. It narrates his dreams, his confusion while questioning his decision to join the institute. Through some heartful anecdotes and impactful writing, the piece gives you the lesson that IIT is one of many platforms to excel in life, at last, you will have to take the right direction to fulfill your dreams.

The Unacknowledged Lives of the Bricklayers

Year 2016-17, Chief Editors – Shreerang and Shreeyansh

Over the years, we have seen a number of constructions coming up in the institute. From department buildings to giant hostels or the research park, hundreds of workers come together to bring comfort in the life of IIT Bombay residents. Insights’ special print edition “The Unacknowledged lives of the Bricklayers” shed a light on the lives of construction workers living on the campus. The article was much talked about for its thought-provoking writing and refreshing anecdotes. This was an ambitious project for insight, which generally focusses on the issues of the student community, demonstrating concern for others who share the campus with the students.

Casual Sexism – A Conspiracy of Silences

Year 2017-18, Chief Editors – Chintan Savla, Rishabh Israni

After two years of effort, Insight’s special issue on Casual Sexism dared to ask the question “Is our institute really sexist?”. Using different situations and incidents, the article tries to understand the views casually embedded in our campus lifestyle. It also tries to educate readers about the issue through terms like microaggressions and linguistic sexism. Based on an extensive survey on the topic, the piece received some overwhelmingly positive reviews while some blatantly called out the authors, polarizing the readers. The piece led to extensive discussions and debates in various online/offline forums. Leaving the answer to the earlier question to one’s understanding, the piece successfully managed to ignite a much-needed discussion among the residents.

Mental Matters (Mental Health Series Part-1)

Year 2018-19, Chief Editor – Aparajeya Dash

With an increase in Mental Health awareness all around the world, Insight endeavored to gauge the situation on the campus by way of a Special Print Edition. Aimed at tackling the stigma attached to mental health and encourage students to speak up about their issues, the article intended to drive home that asking for help takes courage and is not a sign of weakness. Insight contacted many students who shared their struggles with mental health. Looking back, this piece remains as relevant as it was back then, if not more. It helped in starting a discourse amongst the student community regarding mental health, with multiple people sharing their struggles with mental health via social media and other platforms. Because #MentalMatters!

The Fault in our Convo Again

Year 2019-20, Chief Editors – Saman Siddiqui, Varun Sule 

An opinionated editorial discussing- and criticizing the decision to invite a political leader to the Convocation Ceremony of the Institute for two consecutive years. While it was the Prime Minister previously, the person in question was the HRD minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal. There were concerns raised by many graduating students about the focus being shifted away from students due to the politicians and the (controversial) statements made by them. There was also a demand from a section of students to invite a personality from the domain of science and technology who embodies the values of the institute. The piece tried to address these concerns while breaking down the reasons for the controversies surrounding the convocation.

Honourable Mentions :

Some other articles which could not be a part of the list due to some constraints but still warrant a worthy mention.