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As our reporters went around the campus looking for news, we found some confused souls
who were looking for the answer to life, universe and everything. Well, nobody was able
to provide a satisfactory answer to most of these questions pertaining to the sophisticated
and myriad mysteries of the freshman kind, but the questions themselves pose food
for thought, coming from the brightest minds this country has to offer. To keep matters
interesting, we have mixed the real questions with some fake ones to see how well you
understand the complex processes that befuddle the freshie mind. Of the following, 6 are
actually true questions freshies had posed to seniors (yes, you read that right, 6!), while 4
are fake. Can you separate the real ones from the fake ones? If yes, send us your answers
at with ‘Freshie Mysteries 101’ as the subject and the winner will be
felicitated at the coffee shack with a cold coffee and a plate of Bonda, without chutney of
course. So the bottom-line is – ‘Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain?’

  • Aap mere saath shorts khareedne chaloge kya?
  • Bhaiyya mera bistar ka kona toot gaya, aur mattress uneven hai, aap kuch kar sakte
  • Can I buy a single room somewhere in the institute? I’m very rich.
  • Ab jab main IITian ban chuka hoo, bandi kab milegi?
  • Gullu main butter roti order karu kya?
  • Yahan ka daru scene kaisa hai?
  • Bhaiyya, H4 ka baap kaun hai?
  • Saathi orientation miss ho gaya. Kya karun?
  • Can I get a gas stove in my room?
  • Bhaiyya, bathroom me flush nahi chal raha. Aap theek karwa sakte ho kya?