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Poll-itics : IIT Bombay’s voting behaviour

Reading Time: 4 MinutesThe country is abuzz with bated anticipation on the eve of the Lok Sabha election results, and we at Insight conducted a survey to capture the institute population’s take on politics. Through the survey, we aimed to gauge the participation of the students in voting, the criteria they consider and various other factors to understand their outlook towards this fundamental right. We received 786 responses and we have tried to represent them in a reader-friendly format below. Please Note: All the percentage results are based on the responses of people who have filled the survey, and...

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To Greater Heights

Reading Time: 2 MinutesAfter years worth of efforts of a small tribe called “IITB climbers”, spearheaded by Professor T. T. Niranjan from SJMSOM, ‘Freedom- The Wall’ was finally inaugurated next to the Indoor Badminton Complex on the World Athletics Day. With its inauguration, we boast a world-class boulder climbing facility right inside our campus, open to everyone with a love for climbing- both recreational and competitive. IIT Bombay had an active mountaineering society back in the 80s, but due to the unfortunate death of a student during a winter trek in the Himalayas, the authorities were forced to bring...

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Student Gymkhana Awards 2018-19

Reading Time: 4 MinutesThe Student Gymkhana Awards for the Academic Year 2018-19 were held at the Convocation Hall yesterday. The awards were given to students who have shown exemplary performances in a sphere of their institute life. We would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Institute SGEC Organisational Awards Roll of Honour: Abhilash Karri – General Secretary Hostel Affairs Citation: Sravan Patchala – General Secretary Technical Affairs Karan Nikam – English Cabinet (Student Mentorship Programme) and Senior Representative, Saathi SGEC Color: Anmol Gupta- General Secretary Academic Affairs (UG)...

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The Spoiled Supper – An update on the food poisoning in Hostel 10

Reading Time: 3 MinutesA rather unfortunate incident shook all the students in the Institute on March 9, when 57 students from Hostel-10 had to be hospitalized due to acute food poisoning caused by the consumption of Hostel-10 mess food The situation’s severity can be gauged by the statement given by the students who claimed to have been affected within 45 minutes of having their dinner. We are pleased to inform the residents of Hostel-10 that the mess is expected to start functioning in 2-3 days as the civil work that was going on inside the kitchen, to replace the...

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McDonald’s at IITB

Reading Time: 2 MinutesThe perennial cries of the residents of our institute for a premium, hygienic and subsidised eatery in the campus have finally been heard by the powers that be. A long-standing and unfulfilled initiative of many a GSHA, IIT Bombay will finally witness the establishment of a new McDonald’s outlet on the campus. The new outlet is set to replace The Campus Hub with effect from the 1st of August this year. This decision was taken during a meet of past and present GSHAs who had this initiative in their manifestos and received the approval of the...

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Endterm Review: GSAA PG

Reading Time: 5 MinutesAs an extension of the GS meter updates that assess the performance of student representatives, Insight presents the end-term review of the work undertaken by the PG Academic Council. Deekshith K Shetty, the GSAA representing the PG students, has undertaken several initiatives for all post-graduate students in his mind, ranging from cutting the red tape in various academic procedures to educating students about matters that they frequently need help with. This article aims to review all the plans that he had proposed at the beginning of his tenure and those that are still in the pipeline....

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