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This year, the GSAA – UG made substantial progress by completing 25 out of 35 points with almost all individual sections witnessing at least 50% completion. Most of points under Promotion of UG Research, External Relations and Academic Awareness were completed.


Completed Points

Among the major key initiatives, the idea to run courses as flipped classrooms was successfully taken up. In-sem anonymous feedback option was integrated into moodle and was done by some of the faculties. As for integration of E-book links, it was done in ASC instead of Moodle.

Events like Sports Open and post-midsem session with faculty advisor led to increased interaction between the student community and the faculty. Along the lines of Course-on-wheels conducted by the Chemical department, short industrial visits for other departments (except Computer Science) were approved by the Department General Secretaries.

Measures for Teaching Assistant Review Analysis were successfully implemented with one change being that the TA feedback was taken twice instead of thrice per semester. In Student Support Services, the sessions for basic computer learning saw a positive response, and it is to be continued by the SMP team from next year onwards.

Promotion of UG Research was an area that witnessed major success. Lab revamping was done in Physics lab in the beginning of the tenure and the same is planned to be done for other courses by the next council. Portal for Project Allocation has been successfully set up. A platform on the lines of Student Reading Group was set up in Physics Department.

Groups were set up in Consult and Finance clubs to identify and study institute problems. Sessions were held for freshmen to inform them about semester exchange programmes. Credit based core industrial internships were approved in Senate, with Civil department having successfully created a credit based core internship course.

Space has been allocated for a Language Lab near 24×7 reading hall, which aims to facilitate students in improving language proficiency via various E-learning softwares. This will be implemented once servers capable of handling the load are set up.

Broken Points

5-year Dual Major Program was proposed twice but the proposal was not taken to the UG Programme Committee since this requires time table to be set up. Work is going on with Institute Timetable Coordinator and same would then be proposed again. The proposal for Faculty Advisor Meetings for Induction of Duties (FAMID) was rejected due to lack of arguments for its requirement. Hence the council seeks formal feedback from the students on the current FacAd system, and this might be proposed again after the feedback.

Video repository of important topics frequently discussed in SLOP sessions in Hindi could not be created. Personality Development Program (PDP), which was a plan to conduct events like personal interviews, group discussions, SOP, etc. could not be launched as various events had already been conducted by different bodies independently. This left little motive to conduct sessions by UGAC. Proposal to personalize the drop-down list of tags was rejected due to PG course retagging facing technical issues. 24×7 printing facilities in all departments could not be set up due to lack of a computer lab or reading area in some of the departments.

Points continued to the next tenure:

The next UGAC, under Anmol Gupta, plans to propose to install an LDAP-based printing machine near the Lecture Hall Complex area, and expand it to multiple departments on a need basis. Along the lines of Personality Development Program (PDP), there is a plan to collaborate with Placement Cell and SARC for developing and executing a structured program for placement preparations, which will be in sync with the placement activities’ calendar.

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