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The perennial cries of the residents of our institute for a premium, hygienic and subsidised eatery in the campus have finally been heard by the powers that be. A long-standing and unfulfilled initiative of many a GSHA, IIT Bombay will finally witness the establishment of a new McDonald’s outlet on the campus. The new outlet is set to replace The Campus Hub with effect from the 1st of August this year.

This decision was taken during a meet of past and present GSHAs who had this initiative in their manifestos and received the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs yesterday.


Unexpected as it is, the decision has come as a pleasant surprise to a campus accustomed to seeing such glamorous promises being swept under the carpet every year. According to sources present during the meet, this is to be seen as an upgrade on The Campus Hub, because any other location would have involved a compromise on the infrastructure of the outlet, and been rather inaccessible for several hostels.

So why was this not undertaken earlier, and what is the expected outcome?

Multiple permissions were required from district authorities, details of which will be disclosed later, both by the institute and by McDonald’s, to set up the brand’s outlet in the institute. Multiple GSHAs, over many tenures, had to negotiate with McDonald’s to reach a reasonable rate of subsidy for the students. The tender for The Campus Hub is yet to expire due to which work on the outlet can’t commence immediately.

At long last, students won’t have to go all the way to R-City Mall for a McSpicy. The one offered here would be light on their pockets too.

The outlet will be open tentatively from 10 AM till 1 AM on weekdays and till 3 AM on weekends.

This is a commendable accomplishment by the Hostel Affairs council, and the GSHAs participating in the meet aptly compared it to the old adage about McDonald’s by saying that this initiative is like the ice cream machine at any McDonald’s outlet. It seems to be perpetually out of order, but now they have gone and fixed it!

Click here to know more about the menu with the subsidised rates.

PS: Just kidding folks, Happy April Fool’s Day!
The ice cream machine is still broken!

Insight would like to remind its readers to take such outrageous pieces of reportage with a pinch of salt!

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