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We are glad to present to you an interview with the new Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Urjit Yajnik. The interview deals with the Dean’s views on various issues affecting the student populace, ranging from “LAN Ban” to “Fines for various offences”


Part 1

#Experiences at IIT Gandhinagar

#Differences between IIT Bombay and IIT Gandhinagar

#Comments on Status Quo with respect to student affairs

#Issues concerning freedom of student community

Part 2

#LAN Ban

#Extra-curricular activities being reduced

#New activities being discouraged

#Stance regarding existence of Saathi


Part 3

#Implementing rules without adequate justification

#Rules being implemented retrospectively and in knee-jerk fashion

#Is it IIT’s duty to meet all the parental expectations

#Can other forms of punishments be tried in place of fines

#Affordability of fines for different students

#Student representation on framing the rules



Interviewers: Antariksh Bothale, Nikunj Jha

Research: Vaibhav Pittie

Camera: Poorna Chandra

Editing: Devendra Singh Chaplot