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In addition to the GS Metre updates, Insight presents the mid-term review of the work undertaken by the General Secretary of Academic Affairs (PG), Aditya Chalishazar, and the PG Academic Council. Through the article, we aim to make a note of the progress made by them on the points mentioned in the manifesto, by highlighting those that have been completed, those which are currently in the process of completion as well as those on which further conceptualization is required, while also making note of the points which are yet to be worked upon.

For the agendas pertaining to academics, the proposal for student representation in the DPGC meetings for all departments has been accepted by the Director, and while the proposal for the certification of TA duty for all Instrument TAs is still a work in progress, the reference template for the same has been approved by the Dean AP. A proposal for the creation of a structured rulebook for MSc-PhD students has been approved by the Dean SA, and forwarded to the Academic Section, who are working on its implementation. The other agendas are still under progress with varying degrees of success- those relating to each department is being done in tandem with the DGSecs, while the proposal for the others are in the works right now. Moreover, follow-up on the initiatives started by the previous council will be undertaken as and when the Dean and the professors are available, and based on the discussion, a proposal will be drafted.

For increasing exposure to research and industry, the proposal for the conduction of informative sessions about the research opportunities, and appointment of a  Ph.D. representative of International Relations has been accepted, and Postgraduate representatives for all courses have been incorporated into the Placement Cell to cater to the needs of all Postgraduate students. As mentioned above, the department level events are currently in the process of implementation, with the help of DGSecs. The progress on the work of publicising research, institute level workshops for proposal and research writing and increasing awareness about Contingency grants, although in works, will require time due to them being in the process of ideation.

When it comes to the Online changes, FAQs regarding Course Tagging and Conference Funding Process have been prepared to be made available on the PGAC website. Also, a weekly helpdesk has been set up where students can come with their grievances and the members of the council can work towards the solution of these problems. The council is currently working on many other initiatives, some of which are monthly PGAC Open Houses, centralized Grievance portal, FAQ pages on the PGAC website pertaining to different aspects of PG students’ academic life in the Institute, portals for Married Research Scholars for accommodation and leave application, timely updating of ASC interface and department websites, creating a list of IIT-B lab facilities and increasing the window for semester and course registration for students.

The council has committed itself to a process of training members of the PG Academic Council with the help of the Student Wellness Centre and Gender Cell. There are initiatives in progress like including AURAAs from all Academic Units, both for Masters and Ph.D. programmes and improving coordination between ISCP, IRSCP, and PGAC.

The council has also proposed organization of a “Foundation Week” to induct new Postgraduate students in the IIT system, to explain to them what is expected of them, and what they need to do for the same, and also provide an opportunity to change specialization in the early stages of the programme to facilitate it and attempting to work with Hostel Affairs and Academic Councils to make the Academic Block more accessible for differently-abled students.