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Major changes have been initiated in the areas of Curriculum (especially for freshers and MSc. Scholars). From the removal of courses which are either repeated or have been deemed to be unnecessary, to the normalization of 1st year courses, the batch coming from next year can expect a far more balanced course structure.

The Inter Disciplinary Dual Degree program is also one of the major initiatives that has been passed in the Senate. Nearly all the formalities have been dealt with, and this should get started soon enough. Most points regarding Student Support Services have been completed as well – with workshops being conducted for freshers and beginners at a regular pace. Lab feedback systems have been put in place, and these should lead to the launch of Lab revamp portals in a short while as well.

Most of the uncompleted points in the manifesto, relate to items which are either stuck at the proposal level with committees at various levels, or have faced issues at the level of the ASC or academic section. Conduction of a smooth registration process, starting an eatery near the library, an increased signing of MOUs and availability of ebooks in the library are prime examples. Certain points were also rejected by the administration or the departments after due consideration. These include Interdisciplinary minor programs, the push for a career counselor, teaching awards for TAs etc.

A large number of points in this manifesto deal with changes or reforms, that will only be visible/started from next semester onwards. This includes the Inter Disciplinary Dual Degree programs, Inter IIT Semester Exchange, and curriculum normalization. Their successful completion will rest on the shoulders of our next GSAA. Certain other points, like availability of ebooks in the library, the proposal for an eatery near the library, the launch of the Project for Portal Allocation, Lab Revamp Projects also pass on to the next GSAA.

Quite a few things have been achieved outside the manifesto. Approval for micro-credit courses, recording of CDEEP courses in vernacular languages, changes in the course feedback mechanism, conversion of the 1st year language help sessions into a proper course are but a few.

Overall, this has been a reasonably successful tenure. While there are many points still stuck at the proposal level, several welcome changes have been made (especially the Semester Exchange, course normalization, Inter Disciplinary Dual Degree program) which would hopefully make life easier for all of us in the coming semester.