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This article is meant for leisure and the contents of this article are meant to be taken lightly and in good humor.

Well, folks, it is *that* time of the year again. The time when humans of IITB hibernate like polar bears, only to come out 24 hours later, write diligently for the requisite 2 hours and crawl back to their burrows.

*Drum rolls* Midsems are here!

Allow us to warn you right away that this is intended to be an ‘RG’ article. For those of you who don’t know what RG is, try googling it. Our very credible, ever approachable source Google would define it as ‘retarded giggles.’ Seriously, try it. Makes sense in a twisted way, doesn’t it?

However, to save you from all the RG that happens in the conventional places to study, like the LCH and the study room, here, we have compiled here for you a few unconventional study destinations in the institute.

Hence, in the spirit of acads, CPI, and all that you hold dear, we implore you to try these places out instead of the usual, conventional study haunts!


  1. PC Lab, Mech Department: Never mind the fact that the mechanical department building boasts a bridge warning you not to sit down anywhere on it for fear of it collapsing. The PC lab in this department is a cool and quiet space, albeit an uncomfortable one, thanks to the chairs. With an AC for every row of PCs, this is certainly a cozy place to beat your studies. However, no WiFi and the closest food outlet being Kresit make this lab a bit inhospitable – even for those doggedly determined to study. The lab has a biometric lock, though one can knock and is easily let in, provided they don’t make too much of a din.
  2. Software Lab (SL3), CS Department: Take the mech department PC lab, add to it WiFi, comfortable chairs and food joints at the distance of a stone’s throw, and you get the software lab in CS department. This swanky lab is everything one might want in a study haven, and more besides. A great place to hibernate during the midsem period.
  3.  Yoga Room, New SAC: A slightly more out-of-the-box place to study, given that it has no WiFi and no AC. However, the perpetual presence of mattresses and the proximity to most of the hostels, which also translates to easy foraging for food, means that you can come across the occasional fellow immersed in his study at this place.
  4. Lakeside: What better way to end a day than watch the sunset? Find yourself a comfortable spot on the staircase erected in front of the lakeside road walk, relax and watch the sun go down as the evening wind blows at your face. You might as well do a bit of studying as nature plays its orchestra. Beware of birds pooping right on to your head, though, avoid sitting on the same bird poop, and you might as well forget about food if you’re lounging here for 3-4 hours.
  5. MDP Lab, SOM: Though officially meant to be a study place for management students, it is not restricted to other instizens. Hidden in a corner on the third floor of SOM, getting here will remind you of first-year CS labs when you’d have to make your way through the labyrinth of the New CSE building. With decent decor and an AC too, this is an ideal go-to-for-a-change place. You’ll hardly find people here and definitely not somebody you would know.
  6. Your Own Room! Because, why not! Except for the fact that you’d probably be cribbing about being trapped in a small space, your own room makes for a great studying spot. It is EXTREMELY comfortable (or as comfortable as you want to get during the midsems), you have food at close proximity, WiFi, and no lack of stress busters, should you require them, in the form of cats and dogs and other members of the human species of your wing. These days, when LCs and LHs are crowded beyond belief, your own room is a place you might want to explore more for its multifunctionality in serving you!


The midsem fever is at an all time high, and these places should definitely do their bit in helping you beat it! All the best!


Happy mugging!