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Rupesh Raj

Rupesh Raj

As the semester draws to a close, we take a close look at Rupesh’s performance as the General Secretary of Cultural Affairs. So far, he has completed 17 of the 40 points on his manifesto while some progress has been made on another 15 of them.

The GSCA has been quite successful in his initiatives to enhance the diversity in terms of participants. While exposing the institute populace to foreign cultures through showcase events, the Institute Cultural Council has also promoted the diverse indigenous artforms by tying up with the various regional associations. Significant progress has also been made on the introduction of new GC events. Various measures targeting the first-year and postgraduate students, such as special groundwork sessions, the involvement of department cultural secretaries, and the restructuring of Freshiezza, have been undertaken to ensure their increased participation in cultural events of the institute.

Among the various infrastructural reforms promised, only one has seen the light of the day – allocation of a common room for Literary Arts and Debate practices. The other points are in various stages of progress as they require a concerted effort from the administration as well. Publicity and outreach of Cultural events have been given a shot in the arm with the successful creation of the IITB Culturals Events App. Additionally, amateur photographers of the institute have also been roped in to cover events, thus giving them a chance to hone their skills. Preparation for a TEDx event in our institute is underway, with the event slated to happen in January of next year.

As regards the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet, genre captains have been appointed and practice for the same will be in full swing once the endsems are over.

With one-fifth of the points not showing any progress, there remains significant scope for improvement. The proposed CulMag – a magazine featuring selected works by students, Cult Archive and a database for institute’s original musical compositions still remain just manifesto points on paper as do the online ventures such as a browser extension and an automatic e-certificate system. Doorstep workshops for postgraduate students have not yet been started.

We hope that the GSCA, along with his council, take the requisite steps to ensure that the initiatives in the manifesto are successfully completed.

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