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Considerable work has been seen in the current GSHA’s tenure but many of the manifesto points are still in progress, the main reason being the long-term nature of many points that require a lot of time to handle logistics and to get implemented properly.

Abhilash Karri

Abhilash Karri

The Mess and Institute Eateries front has seen some significant progress. Two 24/7 food trucks will be launched in April, one each in hostel and academic areas, which will move according to a schedule. A digitized system is still being prepared to be tried in select hostel messes. Similarly, Delivery Portal is linked to digitization and has been outsourced. Timely collection of surplus lunch and dinner has been implemented in private messes and data is being collected on waste food by sustainability cell. Food and Hygiene audits have been done by FSSAI authorized agencies, the ratings of which can be released on request. Fruit-cum-juice outlets have also been operationalized while new food outlets with proper infrastructure are being planned near Sunrise and Campus Hub. Fine system has been implemented in canteens and institute eateries after surprise visits by hygiene committee. Installation of permanent sheds and fences in all eateries has been approved along with a new place for Amul Parlor whose budget is yet to be decided. While plans for an Indian Coffee House has been cancelled, the Bakery Shop in H1 has been closed after poor response.

The hostel affairs blog has been revamped with extensive details. An online portal for student feedback and discussion is being made while on the point of making all major decisions in meetings public, it has been approved with many constraints which are being finalized. An “Admin Connect Portal” is being made where any student can ask any query, with the option of anonymity, and the GSs will respond to them if they can. Otherwise, the administration will respond. Points mentioned under Institute Facilities have seen limited improvement with proposals like – direction sign boards, central LAN vendor portal – hang in the balance.

However, street lights, Sanitary napkin dispensers, maintenance of Lecture Hall Complex, revamping of IITB Hospital website and guidebook, comprehensive health check-up has been been implemented. At the same time, cycle pooling and e-shuttles have been implemented. Reach Us portal, SAC room booking portal, eateries feedback system and hospital feedback system have also been launched. The Hostel guest room booking portal is ready but will be launched only after new hostel construction frees us more guest rooms. The semester was infrastructure maintenance of Lecture Halls has also been implemented. Digital display boards are being set up in hostels and online visitor system for entry of vehicles has been drafted and proposed in Security Advisory committee. Presently, workshops for the security guards is in process. A print shop has been set up in the Academic area and funds have been collected for students’ lounge. While CCTV cameras have been set up in Academic area, it will be done in the Hostel area in Summers. A hospital guidebook has also been released. For sheds over pavements, funds have been collected and work order is in process.

At the same time, digitization of medical records & online No Dues Certificate facility and Unisex Salon near hostel area has not moved forward. Also, a survey has been done for making institute infrastructure accessible to physically disabled students and a new cell will be put in place to monitor the progress towards this end. Medical record digitization will depend on ERP for outsourcing. Eye check-up camps have been organised as a part of discounted health and fitness drive as well as regular vaccination drives have happened. Hostel G. Secs. have been informed about the first aid kits that are provided to the hostels by the hospital. The medicine dispensary has already been privatised.

Structural stability and strength tests have been carried out in old hostels and repair work has been done in some places. Steam cleaning machines will be added to PHO contract this November. Also, alumni events have been organized in some hostels to improve interaction while the senior class gift, to establish new facilities, will start from next year passing out batch.
However, no progress has been made on proposal of female washroom in men’s hostels. A central contract for maintenance of hostel sports grounds has been approved with limited vendors. Funds have been disbursed for AC study rooms in Hostels 9 and 11 while work order for the same is yet to be released for Hostels 3, 5 and 6.

While some progress has been made in the proposal towards a sustainable and eco-friendly campus, it is still in its initial phases. For beautification of campus, new garden areas are being decided to be cultivated. For the same, documentation is complete for all hostels except hostels 15 and 16, after which tender will be released. Guidelines are being made for Fire Safety and sand buckets have been mandated to be kept by every hostel to tackle fire hazards. The funds for this will be from the hostel budget and tracked by an ISHA. The online visitor gate pass system is yet to be made and its drafting yet to be done.

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