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A point in Green signifies that the work has been done and to a great level of satisfaction. Orange signifies that some more improvement is possible with regard to the point. A point in Red implies no work has been done in view of that point. To gain a better understanding of how well a specific manifesto point was executed we tried to take into account the views of the GS and the various stakeholders involved.

Most importantly – IIT Bombay won the Inter-IIT championships 2012!


[gsreview title=”Boost the fitness level of students by conducting Gym Workshops and establishing a Jogger’s Club, Yoga Club and continuing the Skating Club” color=”orange”]Gym workshop were conducted, however the frequency was low and sporadic.
The Skating Club was carried over from Ameya’s tenure and has become a huge success on campus with many participants.
The Jogger’s club has been started but has received limited response.
The Yoga club has been in the pipelines for a while but not yet been formed. In its place, yoga sessions will be conducted.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Organize Exhibition Matches between IITB team and local clubs/teams before the GCs along with predict and win contests” color=”orange”]While these matches were held for some sports such as Football and Cricket, they were not held for all sports. Furthermore, not all these matches were not conducted before the GCs
Not done before all the GCs, but were conducted before other major events.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Publish an Annual Sports Magazine articulating the details of all sports GCs and Inter IIT” color=”orange”]Initially there were problems in generating content for the magazine. however, this magazine has been completed and is currently in the process of being layouted etc. before printing. It could possible come out before the tenure is over, perhaps by next week.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Push for establishing a centralized system for maintenance of Hostel Gym equipment and services through AMC” color=”orange”]When the institute proposed this system to the councils, many hostel councils refused as they had their own direct contracts with the gym equipment suppliers and therefore did not want the institute to step in. While efforts were made to try and implement such a system, no overall consensus was achieved.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Organize a ‘Lukkha Sports Weekend’ comprising of informal and mixed events” color=”orange”]While it was initially planned and preparations were done to organize it, it was cancelled due because the dean did not give his final permission to organize the event due to the proximity of midsems examinations. Plans are to conduct it in the 1st week of April, the permissions for which have been taken. [/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Integrate a comprehensive section on the facilities, available equipment and issuing procedure in sports into the freshman booklet” color=”green”]The required section was added to the booklet[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Screen selected International matches with Sports quizzes as fillers” color=”green”]This was done for a large number of matches (primarily football and tennis however) and quizzes were also held in between the match [/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Organize cricket, football and hockey camps for girls followed by friendly matches” color=”orange”]The Football and Hockey camps were organized for girls with a decent turnout. However, not enough response was received by the proposal of a cricket camp and therefore cricket intras are mixed leagues were organized in its place.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Conduct the existing Freshers’ Weekend in two phases to reduce overlapping of events” color=”orange”]Only the first phase of the weekend was conducted. The phase only had chess and wasn’t very well publicized. The second phase is in the pipeline, with cricket and tennis being started. All events have been planned by the end of this tenure. [/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Set up a display of current GC Tally and tentative GC schedule on the wall of old badminton court (opposite H-11) enumerating the points of all hostels in sports GC” color=”green”]Initially the GC tally was tried to be integrated with tech and cult. However that led to massive delays due to which the GC tally was not put up. It was recently just put up for sports.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Award the top finishers of the Inter Hostel Crossy (Boys and Girls) a chance to run in Mumbai Marathon.” color=”green”]The top finishers were allowed a chance to run in the Mumbai Marathon. Transport and refreshments were provided for the same. In case of injury, the athletes were allowed to run in the Hiranandani Marathon instead.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Ensure that recognition is given to GC participants by awarding medals/T-shirts to best individual performers and compiling a database of all players on the Sports website.” color=”green”]GC T-shirts have been awarded to students. The medals will be provided in an awards ceremony after all the GCs are over. The database of all the players as proposed has been made.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Draft an exhaustive rulebook for Inter-Hostel GCs with the help of newly formed council before the start of the academic year, to be made available on the website” color=”green”]This was completed. A hard copy was sent to each hostel and a soft copy was put up on the gymkhana website.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Organize a Beginner’s Camp for girls before every GC to ensure greater participation and enthusiasm” color=”orange”]A beginner’s camp for girls was indeed set up for some GCs like weightlifting and football. This was not done for some sports such as swimming due to the Inter-IIT championships.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Will try to start biometric system for swimming pool entry as a replacement for the swimming cards” color=”orange”] This has not been done yet. The plan is awaiting an approval from the Deputy Director based on our sources. The SAC in-charge has not yet approved the plan yet, neither has it been disapproved in principle though.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Set up a sports outlet once in each semester and facilitate advance ordering of equipment via an informative online portal” color=”orange”]This was done once in the Autumn Semester but not done again in the Spring Semester due to the hostel and Institute councils feeling that there was not any adequate need to have such a outlet a second time[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Water cooler will be installed near the volleyball courts to provide easy access for all players” color=”orange”]A cooler has not yet been installed near the Volleyball Court. However a water filter has been installed there. The Cooler itself is still in the pipelines[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Make badminton and tennis equipment available to students against their ID cards” color=”green”]Done. The facility is often availed by the students[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Will try to provide certificates and T-shirts for all students selected for the Inter-IIT Camp” color=”green”]There were some problems due to which some students who made it to the camp but not made it to the team did not receive T-Shirts, however most students did receive their T-Shirts. Certificates have yet to be provided to students.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Will push for appointment of part-time coaches to improve performance at Inter IIT” color=”green”]Part-Time coaches were appointed to great success.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Ensure that grounds and sports facilities are made available soon after the monsoons” color=”green”]The restoration of SAC grounds was done inspite of the Helipad fiasco. [/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Will motivate teams to participate in local leagues (like BDFA, BHA, Open University etc.)” color=”orange”]Done for some sports, but due to time constraints the response was not overtly enthusiastic.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Will re-allocate the sports budget to increase the PG Sports Budget, thus fulfilling their requirements in Department Sports League etc.” color=”green”]Completed[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Conduct a well-publicized PG Sports orientation and provide PGs with a Sports Handbook” color=”green”]PG Sports Orientations were done department-wise. The Sports handbook was provided to the hostels.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Conduct regular meeting with PG Sports council to ensure ground availability and adequate practice slots to help in smooth execution of the schedule” color=”green”]This was also completed.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Top performers in the PG sports will be scouted and called for inter-IIT trials” color=”green”]Done and a number of impressive performers were found through this initiative.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Will hold at least one Institute GBM and an open house and will ensure active participation in them with the help of my council” color=”orange”]A GBM was conducted in the odd-semester but not an open house.[/gsreview]
[gsreview title=”Interaction with Hostel sports council will be increased to ensure smooth coordination between institute council and hostel council with monthly sports committee meetings” color=”green”]While monthly meetings were proposed, it was mutually felt between the institute and hostel councils that monthly meetings were not required. They were held whenever necessary and it was felt that there was good coordination between the councils.[/gsreview]

Extra Initiatives :
TextWeb app -an app to get the gc schedule , timings , results and also general information for sports activities

khokho ground +lighting (established)

Girls Coach (for inter iit) were provided

Summer Sports Camp was conducted

Girls aquatics day was conducted

LDAP ID for all Institute Sports Secretaries

Sports Mentorship – Drona was taken forward. Now mentors need to be selected

An Institute Basketball League was established.

A Cemented Pitch was constructed

Biathlon on Independence and Republic Days

Inter IIT subsidies increased – 1500 to 1800 fuel ; 1200 to 1500 kit ; 20k – 30k racquet

IIT Sports logo making competition:-Collaboration with Cultural Council; more than 80 entries received; Selected logos are being used as IIT Bombay Sports and Inter-IIT Quest logo.

Summer Sports Camp

LDAP IDs for council

Temporary Sports Officers: 9 Sports Officers recruited for the purpose of NSO classes and Inter-IIT team practice

Rule-book for Inter-Hostel GCs: For increasing the awareness among student community; Articulating GC Rules, GC Format, Previous GCs result, Points system and council info

Freshmen Orientation: Orientation held in New Indoor SAC, with a rebus quiz and Volleyball exhibition match .

Online portal for NSO choices :

Weeklong interactive sessions for NSO classes

Summer skating Camp:

Proposal of new cricket ground and Jogging track: raised point of having a new cricket ground opposite to tunnel; Approved in Town planning meeting; Work supposed to be completed by 2014

Inter-Council Sports Meet:

Quizzes along with the screening of Matches

Formation of Joggers’ club

Lukkha Bowling tournament: organized in Neptune Mall, Bhandup; More than 150 students participated; Discount vouchers of Dominos , KFC and other food stalls availed.

Sports mela : A mela was conducted on the eve on national Sports Day; more than 600 took part; National and traditional games were conducted; Food stalls of Desi items were installed; Sitoyalia tournament conducted

Recruitment of permanent sports Officer

Recruitment of 1st girls coach

New sports website : After a span of 2 years new sports website launched with many changes like GC Sports Tally; Hostel Sports Council info, Hostel Awards and Institute Awards info, Facilities and their issuing procedure

TXT Web App:

Body Weight Trainning session : Session conducted by very experienced student Vikram Vincet; Instructor was paid for the session

Player of the GC: Player of the GC started for giving the proper recognition to the institute students for performing good in
Institute level events; Saw positives results

Comprehensive section for Sports in Freshmen booklet: A separate section for equipment issuing procedure and venue and information about council and sports facilities were added

Online Portal for Sports outlet: For providing the info about the price and available goods ; wish list for new equipment

Independence day Race

Re-allocation of PG Sports and Equipment budget : Budget for common Budget- rackets and Skates for students; equipment budget of PG Sports included

Contingent T-Shirt: Contingent T-Shirt were given to all the
Inter-IIT Camp students

Caps and Gloves to Inter-IIT Contingent students : Severe cold at IIT Roorkee during Sports meet; Cap and gloves distributed to all the students

Contingent by Rajdhani; Air-fare reimbursement

Alumni Sports day: Exempted from registration Fee that was 500 RS till last year; t-Shirts to all the Alumni were given

IITB Sports T-Shirt: T-Shirt of IIT Bombay Sports were distributed for all the open events; Crossy GC and Player of the GC

Mumbai Marathon for Crossy Winners: Free entriy was provided to all the Crossy winners (Girls & Boys)

Girls’ Freshie Sports Day: Informal sports day for the freshmen of H-10 & 11 consisiting of events like throwball, sports scavy etc.

Cricket Box-Net:

Cemented Cricket Pitch :

Construction of New Kho-Kho grounds

Cube-mania in Techfest

Playoffs : Institute basketball league was started for improving the basketball scenario in institute; 8 boys and 3 girls teams played

Some changes for Inter-IIT:
· T-Shirt Racket Subsidy and Shoe Subsidy increased
· Inners
· March-past practice alternate day with drums

Girls Aquatics Day

Yoga Sessions for IIT Bombay Students

Issuing of all Sports Facilities against I-cards

Issuing of Skates with safety guards against I-cards

Cricket Fiesta

Squash, Tennis, TT, Athletics, Football, and Hockey Girls camp

Girls Footer camp and Match of Institute girls football v/s Mumbai clubs

Wall-climbing session at Samant Adventures.

Institute Kho-Kho team formed which will take part in tournaments.

Track-suits made available for Institute Students: More than 350 students got benefit from this initiative.

Independence Day race: Bi-athlon (Running+ Cycling ) organized ;
IITB Sports T-shirt given to the winners

DRONA: Sports Mentorship program: Weightlifting and Athletics TAs added to the list

Karate classes:- started in Institute which saw huge response and participation.