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In addition to the GS Metre updates, Insight presents the mid-term review of the work undertaken by the General Secretary of Cultural Affairs, Raghav Goyal. Through the article, we aim to make a note of the progress made by him on the points mentioned in the manifesto, by highlighting those that have been completed, those which are currently in the process of completion as well as those on which further conceptualization is required, while also making note of the points which are yet to be worked upon.

In the ‘Formalizing Culturals’ section, the point about ISCP has been completed and was implemented in the last summer break. Talks are still going on about the Cult Skill Courses and Talk Masters but there hasn’t been any significant progress. 

The ‘Enigma’ magazine was recently completed and released by the ICC. In the ‘Expanding Culturals’ section, the Movie Madness project has been implemented and is in progress as of now. Meraki, which is a cultural showcase, will take place in the 2nd semester.

Coming to the ‘Honing Culturals’ section, Ragnarok and Hallabol will take place in the 2nd semester and there wasn’t any progress on the Cult Cafe initiative. 

Collaborations with Abhyuday and other NGOs are in progress as mentioned in the Cult Social initiative. The permissions required for a separate account haven’t yet been granted so the fundraising project has hit a roadblock.

Most of the Follow-Ups are completed with only NCO (facing administrative issues) and ‘Click Beetles’ not yet implemented.

All the points for GCs are completed or in progress while PAF will be held in the 2nd semester.

All the points in Publicity and Outreach are in progress with commendable progress in the Plastic-free Publicity point.

The announcement of the Cultural Meet 4.0 has brought the Inter-IIT section back into focus and the team selections have begun. Let’s hope the Cup returns home this year too!

All the points in the Digital Ventures section are in progress with the P2P Learning point completed.

Infrastructure and Inventory have seen major progress with all points either partially or fully completed. The only exception being ICC Storeroom which still has some pending approvals by the administration.

None of the points in the PG section have seen progress yet.

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