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Ritik Madan

Ritik Madan

With the 53th Inter IIT Sports Meet less than 50 days away, Ritik’s push towards accomplishing his goals related to the institute teams is evident. Expert inputs on supplementary aspects have been made available to the players and a reward program has been put in place for camp players. For the first time, the IIT Bombay contingent will be sporting their new label ‘Bombay Blackcats’ and will include differently abled athletes (weightlifting).

As a result of this prioritization, infrastructural developments have taken a backseat. There has been no progress on 5 of the 11 initiatives – including the building of a synthetic outdoor basketball court, installation of e-washrooms and the extension of the baby pool. The remaining initiatives are at various points in the pipeline, with significant headways having been made in the setting up of the rock climbing wall and the renovation of the hockey store room.

According to Ritik, the implementation of the ‘Sports for All’ campaign was rather difficult, given the lack of coaches and venues, and has been tentatively put off till the next semester. His vision for NSO 2.0 has seen greater success, with approvals for hiring new sports officers and the launch of the chess and water polo NSO programs. While the ladder ranking system for racquet sports has been launched, the one-stop IIT Bombay Sports App seems like a distant dream, with barely any developments in the web-related manifesto points. While the GS has been pushing for biometric-enabled entries and a pay-per-class system, they have not materialized.

Ritik has managed to accomplish a significant segment of his vision for the PG community, but has not fared as well as far as the intra-institute and hostel sports scenario is concerned. 5 of the 6 initiatives have seen no advancements, and will only be implemented in the next semester.

The outreach program has been successful with events like ‘Mixed Sports Carnival’ and ‘Freshiesta’ receiving an encouraging response, and the inaugural ‘Battle of the Batches’ slated for next week. The adventure club has been active and the grievance portal has been put in place, but the pertinent demand for ‘female trainers’ continues to be unmet.

While Ritik deserves credit for making progress on close to two-thirds of his over 40 manifesto points, one wonders how many of them will see a full implementation. With this semester drawing to a close, time is running out to convert the red and yellow into the green.

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