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In the rush of exam preparations, it is very easy to forget your well-being. Coping with stress and anxieties during the exams can be a struggle for each and every one of us. It is important to know what they are and how to avoid them, to be able to perform your best.

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Following are some of the recommendations from Mrs. Amita Tagare, Head In-charge of the Student Wellness Centre, towards positive mental health:

  • Eating adequately and on time. Do not cut on the quantity or quality of your diet. Your body feels the effects of a skipped meal later through the day as diet affects blood sugar and hence, stress.
  • Sleeping for a minimum of 7-8 hours to have a fresh mind during the examinations and better retention during preparation.
  • Keeping your study area clean and organised keeps you focused and helps you in feeling pleasant whilst studying.
  • Practising basic hygiene goes a long way in keeping you free from illness during this crucial time.
  • Communicating your doubts and consulting the professors, TAs, friends can be helpful in sorting them out.
  • Sharing your anxieties and concerns with your friends, parents, or someone you feel comfortable with, helps in relieving the stress.
  • Having some productive lukkha time, instead of just watching a TV series alone in your room, is helpful in freshening up so that you can get back to your studies without boredom. Do something you really enjoy doing, say playing music, reading, running, doodling etc.
  • Reducing less important activities like scrolling on your social media feed might help. It helps in increasing the effectiveness of both rest and studies.
  • Sitting in one position and staring at a screen can fatigue your body faster. Take regular breaks to stretch and give your eyes a rest.

With recent events across IITs bringing the spotlight onto mental issues faced by students, Insight wanted to”>”>dresses.html”>”>dress the same.
In collaboration with the Student Wellness Centre, we will discuss various areas of mental health that affect all of us.
This discussion goes beyond extreme cases and explores what positive mental health practices mean for students.