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Interview of Prof. Abhay Karandikar, head of the computer center at IIT Bombay. Watch Prof. Karandikar answer questions about Network upgrade, Wi-Fi implementation, 24 hour internet possibility and much more!

Some important questions raised in the interview include :

Is it possible to implement 24 hour internet access without LAN access after midnight using smart switches? If yes, can we expect it to happen in the near future?

What is the work done/ benefits under the institute network revamp? What is the purpose of smart switches?

In other institutes like IIT Roorkee, the hostels and the academic area has wi-fi access. Is something on the similar lines being planned for IIT Bombay?

What is the current institute network strength and what are the future plans for it?

What is the status of the new CC building and is there a possibility of CC shutting down Hostel Computer rooms when the new user hall in CC is ready?

What is being done to deal with LAN port issues cropping up in all the hostels after the revamp?

A lot of softwares, like MATLAB, available on CC website are outdated. Why aren’t the newer versions made available?