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Progress was made in the institute’s sports scenario on several fronts with new initiatives being completed and others seeing advancement. The current GSSA Deepak Kinra’s tenure saw successful completion of 39 of the 56 points mentioned in his manifesto. Most of the agendas related to Inter-IIT, PG Sports and Fitness are complete, but there is little headway in the realm of Hostel Support and Infrastructure.


The Fit Campus initiative was successfully completed with commencement of the pay per class system, which will be linked with biometric access next year. Novel fitness activities like military boot camps, pilates etc were conducted throughout the year. The Runners Club was started which caters to running and marathon enthusiasts in the institute.


The Inter Hostel General-Championship also saw changes with the implementation of the  new GC format and the plan to organize the finals of all GC’s in the form of a showdown.The Institute sports blog and newsletter were introduced and they effectively covered all major sports events. Bimonthly work reports have been uploaded on the council website as an effort to promote transparency. New facilities like tennis ball cricket pitches, super soppers, the sports lounge supplemented the Institute’s infrastructure. Wall of Champions was established and technical projects were floated under ITSP to supplement institute inventory by fabrication of required equipment.


New events such as lectures from sports personalities, sport of the month contributed to the long list of events. Inter-IIT medallists were felicitated by organizing a felicitation ceremony and awarding them with watches. Aarohan, a series of intermediate camps is being organized on the lines of prarambh. The PG sports website was revamped and a larger part of the budget was allocated to PG sports. The online ladder ranking system for chess has been introduced. Adventure excursions were organized, as well a blog compilation of such trips was initiated by the council. Overall good progress has been made on the digital front this year.


Broken Points -:  

30% of the points in Deepak’s manifesto could not be materialized.

Very little progress has been made in regard to hostel support. Not much work was done regarding hostel gym facilities, the setting up of cricket box nets and football courts was not pursued in H15-16 due to space and budget constraints. The multi purpose sports arena on H10 old mess roof top is under construction as of now and will be finished soon.

Not much advancement was made in the development of new infrastructure. Several of the proposed points like the skating rink, revamping the old frisbee field, refurbishment of the obstacle course in the NCC lawns, construction of a multi-utility wall, drinking water fountains and transformation of the badminton courts could not be brought to fruition.


Follow up Plans -: Ritik Madan, the GSSA for the next academic year plans to conduct training sessions in hostel gyms, as a follow up to Deepak’s point. The council plans to push for maintenance drives to ensure proper fitness infrastructure in hostels in the following year. Skating and Chess NSOs will be discussed in the coming SAC meet. Setting up drinking water fountains, constructing multi-utility walls for volleyball and procuring equipment for the open gym are some of the tasks he intends to follow up on in his tenure. Funds should be released for biometric authentication in April, post which he plans to start off the New SAC gym as soon as possible.


In a nutshell, it has been a fairly successful tenure, with significant progress on the fronts of fitness, PG sports and inter-IIT. Significant efforts have been taken to increase outreach of various sports by forming clubs, promoting excursions and bringing in the sports blog as well as the sports newsletter. Significant work needs to be done regarding infrastructure and hostel support. Budget constraints, and administration pathways were the major hurdles in this process.

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