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The Mess and Institute Eateries front has seen some significant progress. Appointment of nutritionist/Health Inspector to review the quality and hygiene of mess food has been approved by The Director and the nutritionists are being hired. A few food outlets have been audited and reports have been submitted to the respective hostel G.Sec. The caterer of Sunrise Dhaba has been changed and a cake shop has been opened in Hostel 1. Multiple juices have been included in the menu of eateries after student feedback. There are plans to install snack-vending machines on a trial basis at a few locations in the coming weeks. Even though limited work was done on this front, the app for multi messing is being developed after which mess digitization will follow.


Points mentioned under Institute Facilities saw limited improvement. Creation of online portal for hostel guest room booking is in the development phase but has some software glitches according to the GSHA. A special task force of members from administration, including The Director, DD-AIA, Deans, other faculty members and student representatives has been formed to improve signage on campus including electronic displays, big signage at key locations, campus map, naming internal roads and buildings etc. The online portal for SAC room booking is in drafting phase and improvements in Wifi connectivity have been done at certain locations (CC needs to take it forward now). The new IITB app is in the last stages of development. There has been no significant work on the Reach Us portal but a few vendors have been in touch about discounts for students.


Medical records of students will be digitized once ERP gets fully implemented. Some external vendors have been contacted for the same. Eye check-up camps were organised as part of discounted health and fitness drives. A vaccination drive had happened last semester and there are plans to conduct the same this semester. Hostel GSecs have been informed about the first aid kits that are provided to the hostels by the hospital. The dispensary was privatised in the last semester and has been functioning since.


It has been made mandatory for the hostel councils to disseminate information regarding hostel amenities and OPS funds and the documentation will be made available soon. Not much progress was made on the establishment of dance, music and tech rooms in all hostels as was planned.


Although the bus routes had been changed and website updated, the current scenario still remains unclear. The Cycle pooling system has been provided through Zoomcar PEDL. The old cycles, that had been procured as per the earlier plan, can be picked up free of cost by any student after taking due permission from Hostel 3 GSec.


A proposal to regularly monitor the structural stability of old hostel buildings has been approved. All Institute fencing related repairs have been done and work is in progress for hostel fencing. Talks are ongoing with vendors regarding the installation of CCTV cameras in hostels for better security with some hostels already successful in reaching agreements, despite a fund crunch. Fire safety drills were conducted in Hostel 12,13,14 and 10.


Regular work reports are being submitted to the alumni regarding the expenditure of their donated funds in coordination with SARC. A survey was done in collaboration with Abhyuday to take recommendations in order to make the campus more friendly to the disabled people for a report has been submitted and implementation will follow. An institute wide award for hostels given on the energy and water consumption efficiency is in the process of being instituted.



Points outside the manifesto:


  • Study Room Project Phase 2: Sufficient funds have been raised from Alumni in US for initiating the phase 2 of the study room project.  Hostel 3 and Hostel 5 have been finalised Currently progressing on the design front, construction would start after that.
  • Hospital On-spot Feedback System: A proposal was approved HHAC to implement an On-spot feedback system in hospital which would help in receiving user feedback in a structured manner. Feedback System has been designed and would be implemented very soon.
  • Hygiene Task Force: A student task force was constituted to enhance the cleanliness/hygiene standards in Institute food outlets and canteens. Team conducts surprise visits, prepares a detailed report on outlet and directly reports to the Eateries Committee.
  • Canteen Menu Extension and Centralized Prices: Uniform rates for food items across all hostel canteens- menu extended
  • 24×7 Operation of Gulmohar Cafeteria: Put forth a proposal for 24×7 operation of Gulmohar Garden Cafeteria, approved in principle by Dean IPS, under implementation

Leftover food collection: Collaborated with 2 NGOs – Feeding India and CDC for leftover food collection and distribution in nearby slums. MOUs were signed with 4 hostel caterers, trial done for a month. In process of expanding it to all hostels with privatized messing system.