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Bandana Singha
Bandana Singha

Election debate video

General Secretary Academic Affairs PG (GSAA-PG)

Bandana Singha

1. When and why did you decide to stand for GS?

Having been involved in the PG academic council in the last year, I saw a number of initiatives being taken for the betterment of research and academics at IIT Bombay. This motivated me to personally make a bigger contribution to the above cause by taking charge of affairs. I want to maximize  the  utilization  of  research  potential  of  PG  and  RSs  by:  improving  academic collaboration both internally and externally, enhancing visibility of research, improving research facilities  and  infrastructure  available  and  companionship.  Having been involved in many leadership roles throughout my academic carrier, I want to utilize my skills for the above cause and through the above methods.


2. What is the ideology behind your whole manifesto?

I want to see IIT Bombay as the leader in research and technology output in the whole of Asia within coming years.  This  drives  me  to  go  beyond  my  personal  academic  and  research requirements  and  step  up  for  my  colleagues  and  fellow  researchers  to  improve  the  current academic and research in IIT. I also envision IIT Bombay as the thought leader in economic and social  well-  being  of  the  society  by  being  at  forefront  of  technology,  innovation  and entrepreneurship.


3. What is your take on making internship mandatory for PG students?

Theoretically, internships cannot be made mandatory for PG students as there may not be a need for an interaction with external bodies in some of the projects. However, it has been felt over the year, by a large majority of the PG student body that internships in the research organizations and  relevant  industries  enable  them  to  develop  a  broader  perspective  of  their  research  and enhance manifolds the quality of their research output and increase their confidence in making their output relevant to not only academia but also to industries and the existing knowledge base.

Hence,  even  though  they  cannot  be  made  mandatory,  internships  should  be  encouraged  and supported by faculties, the administration and the student community.


4. Is there any one point from your manifesto that you would like to highlight?

I feel that showcasing of scientific research at IIT Bombay to the relevant academic and non-academic  institutions  and  agencies  respectively  is  utmost  essential  for  the  betterment  of  the opportunities  available  to  the  PG  students  including  the  RSs.  This will also help us in disseminating of the research done to the society at large for its benefit because institutes like IIT Bombay form an integral and inseparable part in the growth of the social fabric.