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Recently, the Academic Joint Registrar floated the revised fee structure, according to which, there has been a hike of INR 2,124 (with hostel) and INR 3,624 (without hostel) across all programs and batches.

One of the major changes, was removal of ‘Contribution to Hostel Subsidy’ (INR 6,000) and addition of ‘Mess Establishment Charges’ (INR 1500). These changes are applicable only to people opting for hostels. Notably, the Tuition Fee continues to be the same as the previous year(s).

On reaching out to the General Secretary Hostel Affairs the following things were noted:

The Hostel and Mess Establishment charges are the ones required to set up the mess. These contribute to the costs involved in payments of salaries of workers in government messes and establishment of contracts in private messes. Both of them go to the same fund and were increased to cater to the rising prices.

Another change that is noticeable is the reduction in contribution to hostel subsidy. Initially it used to be so that this was essentially contributing only to government messes and thereby the fund collected by those students eating in private messes was not used. Now onwards it will be equally divided between those eating in either of the messes.

The reason for the hike in the hostel rents was given to be the cut in MHRD funds. The fees have been thereby raised from 500 per semester to 500 per month (hence 2000 per semester). The Medical fee has also been increased and the reason provided for this is that it will go towards increasing the medical insurance cover for students from INR 1,00,000 previously to INR 2,00,000.

The exact changes in each of the fee(s) can be found below:

Tuition Fee(unchanged)(unchanged)
Examination Fee5001000
Registration Fee5001000
Gymkhana Fee7502000
Hostel Rent*5002000
Electricity & Water Charges*25003000
Medical Fee10002000
Student Benevolent Fund10001300
Hostel Establishment Charges*20003000
Contribution to Hostel Subsidy*60000
Mess Establishment Charges*01500
Student Accident Insurance Fund126200

*Applicable only to people opting for hostel.

You can find the old and the revised fee structure at the following links:
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