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Although I missed the free cappuccino that Brewberrys was offering everyone on the inaugural day of their outlet at H8, I was quite eager to try the new place out, and so went there at the first available opportunity. Between that day and today, I have been there several times and my opinion of the place has mellowed somewhat; I am glad that I am writing about it right now rather than back then.

The Good
While the menu can’t be called extensive, it is pretty decent. They have sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, various kinds of hot/iced coffees, frappés and a few more things like garlic bread and Aloo Tikki. The good thing is that everything is freshly prepared, right in front of you (if you care to look inside or manage to stand there). The pizza is worth the money, I would almost rate it at par with the kind you get at Garcia’s or Smoking Joe’s, though they are not that authentic. The cheese garlic bread is in fact one of the best selling items here, and at ~40 bucks, it’s pretty affordable and quite filling as well. The Burgers are decent as well, if just a tad bit expensive.

Tea, Coffee and their hot avatars are good value for money. I like my espresso shots and they’re fairly inexpensive. So is the iced tea.

The Bad
I didn’t find the sandwiches very great taste-wise, but they were filling enough, which is more than what can be said about their pastas. The fries are as good/bad as they are across most food joints – McDonalds is the only place where I find fries worth the money, but your mileage may vary. In general, the portions are quite small – this includes drinks and foodstuff like pasta, which, though moderately tasty, doesn’t quite justify its price tag given how little they serve. As for non-veg dishes, the pieces of chicken are tiny and hard to find.

Another major peeve I have is their high serving time – everything is freshly prepared, so I can understand the high preparation time, but the operations seem to be rather lazy. The guy taking the order doesn’t seem to register anything unless told twice, and there’s a lot of slacking. The attitude’s too laid-back for a food  joint where you expect some amount of briskness. Twice, my non-veg order was delivered without chicken! Burnt pizzas have been served to me a few times, and have been replaced promptly free of cost.

The various kinds of frappés and mojitos don’t seem worth the cash at all – too watery and not enough Value for Money for something that costs around 45 bucks. The server claims that there are 2 scoops of ice cream in each frappé; the taste seemed to suggest otherwise.

Although the chocolate mousse is good, the other pastries leave a lot to be desired – they seem a bit tasteless and dry, especially since the previous CCD outlet used to serve awesome dutch truffles at the same rate.

The Verdict

The ambience will hopefully be better as the rainy season passes – right now, it’s just water and mosquitoes. All in all, it looks like a fairly good place to spend some time at or have a small meeting or grab a snack or drink. It offers a definite respite from mess food, canteens and GJC, in fact it is the only place on campus where these foodstuffs can be purchased, but I won’t be looking at it for a serious meal till they improve certain items and reduce some prices.