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8th April, 2011

The unusually quiet roads of our institute saw a throng of over 800 people join together, on Friday evening, to support Anna Hazare’s hunger strike, and to end corruption in our country. Each one with a candle, students from all years joined by some professors and alumni participated in this peace march, which was envisioned by a group of 15-16 MTech second year students and supported and co-organised by students who felt strongly for the cause. The protest began from Hostel 13 at around 7:30 in the evening, and proceeded through all the hostels to culminate at the Main Gate. Students came armed with banners, and shouted slogans to stop the corruption which is engulfing our nation.

Many students who were a part of this protest believed that this unprecedented show of support by the students of IIT to a cause which is hindering the progress of our nation is important and much needed in a country like ours. Some students also expressed the opinion that as students of an elite institution in our country, our support adds credibility to protests which are taking place across the nation, and that it is these protests which can potentially change our country for the better. For many, to see such a large student turnout in-spite of the hectic schedule of quizzes, End-sems, valfis, etc was heartening and reaffirmed the notion that the students of IIT cared deeply about their country. The administration and the professors who were a part of this strike believed that such protests were healthy and it is important that students show collective support for such issues which are affecting the rest of our country.


Second year Undergraduate
Department of Chemical Engineering