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Overall Review:

The GS Cultural Affairs has managed to deliver on a lot of her promises, while several other projects are still underway.
Significant progress has been made on the hostel culture and GCs front, and Cult’s web presence has seen a welcome boost this semester – the new Cult website, the new book-issuing portal for SAC and hostel libraries, and the bi-monthly online work reports are all welcome updates to Cult’s online presence. Similarly admirable progress has been seen in publicity and outreach.
The institute-wide fund crunch has not escaped Cult, however, as its presence has been felt in the lack of infrastructural improvements. A lack of money has meant that purchase of new equipment and progress on SAC Phase II hasn’t happened this year, and is unlikely to happen in the near future.
Several initiatives have been undertaken on the pedagogical side of things – the NSO-Cult non-show was disappointing, but there has been an increase in workshops and sessions held by Cult seniors.
One major breakthrough has been the passing of the proposal for Inter-IIT Cult, which will have a pilot run in December; more details will be announced soon by the GS Cult.
Overall, the GS Cultural Affairs has done an admirable job, in spite of the financial constraints she has had to face. Hopefully the upcoming semester will prove to be as fruitful as this one.