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29th of August, National Sports Day, saw an innovative twist in its celebration at IIT Bombay. The Sports Council organised a Sports Mela, doing away with the old practice of hosting a couple of exhibition practices to mark the day. This was done in order to strengthen the wider campus community’s connect with sports.

The Mela witnessed a footfall of around 650 campus residents who played a huge plethora of rustic childhood games. Sitoliya, sack races, coconut bowling and snail cycling were a few amongst many games dispersed around the SAC in an informal carnival-like setting. Food stalls and music complemented the festivity. The Dean of SA (Chief Guest) spent quite some time participating in the festivities, and surprised everyone with his proficiency in a few of the games. He lauded the initiative and was appreciative of the arrangements.

Buoyed by the event’s success, the Sports Council is planning a few more events to enhance informal sports and recreation within the campus.