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With the tenures of the student representatives nearly done, we take a look at the work done by Anmol Gupta, GSAA UG.

Anmol Gupta

Anmol Gupta

The GSAA UG this year managed to complete 29 points out of the total 45. Manifesto points under sections like Student Support Services and Career Cell saw 100% completion, while significant steps were taken towards social outreach and external relations of the institute.

Completed Points

3 out of the 6 key initiatives were completed. The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Programme was extended to departments like BSBE, IEOR, SysCon etc. A Student Faculty Mentorship Program was introduced, while the series of talks ‘Kyunki Prof Bhi Kabhi Student Tha’ saw more sessions being conducted, leading to increased student-faculty interaction.

‘Academic Policy Reforms’ saw 2 points completed out of 6, with IDC students now allowed to take minor courses from HSS Department.

The ‘Information Dissemination and Awareness’ section saw 4 out of 6 points completed. Initiatives such as regular updation of institute websites regarding various student-driven programs, revamp of Sophomore Booklet etc saw completion. A video explaining the ASC functionality is expected to be launched in the coming few days.

In ‘Web and Infrastructure’, 3 out of 7 points were completed, with UG Academics Wiki having seen a revamp in the structure, the Homepage Generator restarted and a re-proposal submitted for an increase in software licenses having been submitted.

Student Support Services and Career Cell saw all points completed, with initiatives like Grad Lookbacks and an interactive comic strip to break the stigma against counselling even gaining traction online.

In the EnPower section, 3 out of 5 points saw completion. Expansion of the Tech and R&D Expo, Curiosity – a series of talks on research topics all saw completion.

The DAV team was successfully formed, and completed a few projects, whereas there were cross-club events introduced as well.

Towards External Relations, ‘Swaagat’, a revamped induction programme aimed at foreign exchange students coming to IIT Bombay, was launched. The Exchange Mapper, a portal to provide course-mapping across universities was also launched.

For Social Outreach, a survey was conducted and a group for the Differently Abled people inside the institute has been formed.

Incomplete and Broken Points

A fair few points have seen proposals submitted, and are to be presented in the upcoming UGPC meetings and HoD meetings.

In Key Initiatives, for example, proposal for semester-long internships and tagging of work done by tech teams as credited research project, will be presented in the upcoming HoD meeting.

In ‘Academic Policy Reforms’, 4 points are still in progress. The initiative to reinstate FF grades in place of FR, allowing internships for fourth year dual degree students, liberalizing the Branch Change Policy will be taken up for discussion by authorities, in the UG Curriculum Review Committee for the former two points. As for extending the VPN limit beyond 100, all approvals are in place, however the execution is pending.

In ‘Information Dissemination and Awareness’, course information updation is still in progress. HoDs have started forming committees to upload these.

In ‘Web and Infrastructure’, the Admin-Student connect portal has been pitched to the authorities, and will be presented in the SAC meeting. Installation of an LDAP-based printing machine, which was carried over from last year, has not been implemented yet, though the location, payment mode and other things have been figured out. The preparation of the TrueMe profile – a students’ online avatar on Gymkhana – will be a phase of the second part of the IITB app. The design and space for the student lounge have been approved and allotted respectively. However, the point is stuck at the funding phase.

In ‘EnPower’, the proposal to have some kind of a technical research project within department labs will be taken up in the next HoD meeting. The initiative to bring industry projects onto the IP Portal is also a work in progress, as students are yet to apply on the portal.

Find here the GS Metre page for for Academic Affairs (UG).

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