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They say you don’t appreciate what you have until you no longer have it. For all our cribs about the man, the system and the new Chief Security Officer, we are still much better off than our cousins in Delhi. And here’s why:

1. LAN Ban.

So you thought no net after 12 was bad? Get this. In IITD, one ldap ID can access net only from one comp at a time. This means that if somebody is using 08026003 to access the IIT proxy from H2/234, nobody else in the insti can use the same user/password simultaneously. Every time you open a new tab, you have to enter the login details again.

Further, there is a browsing limit of 500mb/week and 2000mb/month on an ldap ID. Once you cross that limit, your net access is blocked. No warnings, no buffer limit, nothing. As soon as you cross 500 mb, you’re directed to a page that shows you your proxy usage. Agle din tak ke liye Sorry Rahega.

To give you an idea of what this means, 500 mb translates to about 16 hrs of net browsing.This does not include downloading stuff. Just regular browsing. 2 hours a day. How’s that as an alternative to LAN Ban?

2. Girl Power.

In IITD, there is none. A 9 PM curfew for freshies, and a 11 PM curfew for others means no treats, no night outs. If you want to stay out for longer, you have to submit a permission letter to the warden. These are the official rules, I don’t know how strictly they are enforced yet.

Girls can be signed in to hostels only till 8 PM, and I don’t think boys are allowed to enter Girls Hostels.

The security booklet given to us asks girls to roam around in groups after dark even inside the campus.
Bottomline – IITD does not seem to be a very safe place for girls.

I seem to have fallen victim to my own article. The 500 mb limit has been breached and this can’t be mailed today. I think I’ll stop here for now. More rules to follow in future posts. Tomorrow – Opening Ceremony and DJ Nite @ IITD.