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As the semester draws to a close, we present a midterm review of the tenure of GSSA Vinay Dadi. With around 40 days to go for the 54th Inter IIT Sports Meet, an important milestone for the entire sports council. Although the camps have been delayed, Vinay has done a reasonable job of tending to the requirements of the teams by ensuring the appointment of professional coaches for all sports, working on year-long physiotherapy facilities and scheduling periodic equipment checks. However, the initiative to appoint interns to train the teams during the summers did not materialize.

Vinay has actively worked on his IDECIDE365 initiatives, by organizing fitness camps, collaborating with sports scientists and working on the introduction of fitness points.

However, most of his initiatives regarding the establishment of a digital interface of our sports facilities and organization of sporting events for girls are still in the pipeline and some time away from completion. The organizational reforms that he proposed are also a work in progress and are to be discussed during the GBM.

Vinay’s proposals for the installation of self vending machines and gym lockers are yet to take off, just like the initiative to hire more female trainers. Many infrastructural changes in sports facilities like jumping pits, tennis ball cricket pitches, tapping wall, LED lights in the football field and indoor badminton courts are in process. While the squash courts have been renovated, students will have to wait for Skating rink, synthetic jogging track, movable nets for cricket practice.  

There is quite some work left in the hostel sports scenario, with 3 out of 4 initiatives still not underway.  Prithvi and PFL and training camps were successfully conducted to promote PG sports. While PG Freshiezza and PG GC were not conducted this semester.

Intra institute events like wall climbing and farewell run have been executed properly, while the rest, such as Aavhan and Battle Of Batches will be done next semester. 

Credit to Vinay for showing progress in over 70% of his manifesto points, although over 45% of them are still some time away from completion. Let us hope that the yellow in the pie charts are converted to green sooner rather than later. Check out our GS metre for points-wise updates –