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The 46th Inter IIT Sports Meet was declared open today at the much dreaded opening ceremony! Wrestler Sushil Kumar, who ditched a huge number of other commitments to be here (his words, not mine) and TT player Neha Aggarwal were the chief guests. While Sushil Kumar drew claps and a lot of cheers and a few jeers (for his afore-mentioned “I’m so busy” comment), Ms. Aggarwal was an undisputed crowd favorite, getting a taste of IITian male hospitality in the form of a variety of cat calls and whistles. Her motivating speech about how sports aid in academic progress was also the subject of great hilarity among the present contingents.

The march past, every IITians dream pastime came and went, with IITB finishing a dismal fifth. IIT Delhi surprised everyone by finishing 2nd, despite a less than impressive performance – perhaps an indicator of things to come in this edition of the games. I’d like to give them the benefit of doubt and say that they gained a huge amount of discipline this past year (they had finished very very close to the bottom in the 45th Inter IIT sports meet) but sadly I can’t since I was there. Not to be bitchy, but even their tracksuits were not matched, let alone their steps. However, the way the points system works for the marchpast, we are just 1 point behind the leaders, nothing that a gold in a real sport cannot set right.
The ceremony was followed by a Bhangra dance performance, which was enjoyed by a lot of people. The correspondent had by that time left the grounds, and thus cannot give a first hand account of the performance.

There was a gala dinner and a DJ Nite in the evening, which like any other DJ Nite in the insti had a lot of guys dancing in circles, with a few pockets of girls dancing alone. Participation from IITB (in the dance circles, not in the food stalls) was at a minimum, perhaps due to a warning by the Sports Chairman and the Sports Incharge that this was just another attempt by IITD to tire out the rival contingents. The correspondent thinks they were joking, but since he was unsure he stayed away from the dance floor.

Tomorrow: Eating places in and around IIT Delhi