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InsIghT reporter Abhi Suri interviews Monty, Ex-GSHA regarding some behind the scene issues regarding your friendly neighborhood eateries: Campus Hub and Sunrise Dhaba.

Campus Hub

InsIghT (I): What were the reasons for setting up a new food outlet on campus?
Monty (M): Earlier, there were two separate outlets at the same location (Amul Ice Cream Parlor and Ganesh Juice Center) and the council felt that this space was underutilized. Along with this there was a need felt across campus to increase the number of dining options available. However, the authorities were not ready to provide extra space. So, it was decided to combine the 2 outlets and get a new vendor to set up a mini food court which also served juices, shakes and ice-creams.

I: What was the procedure adopted for selecting a vendor?
M: After posting the requirements on Hostel Affairs website, vendors apply to us with their catering profiles along with the tentative menu. After this a committee consisting of Dean SA, GSHA, 1 ISHA and 2 Hostel G.Secs (chosen according to the food outlet’s location) selected this vendor. Hygiene was given special importance amongst other criterion.

I: How long did it take for Campus Hub to be set up?
M: Vendors were selected by October. Licenses for Amul and GJC were ending by November, and the council decided not to renew it in September. After Amul and GJC left, we reconstructed the place and handed it over to the vendors by mid February. Since then, they took some time to settle down. Overall, the process could have taken 15-20 days less but there were some licensing issues which caused some unexpected  delay.

I: Are there any further developments expected at Campus Hub?
M: We expect South Indian cuisine to be introduced soon. The juice menu will be increased and more sophisticated forms of desserts, like sundaes, are expected to be introduced within a month.

I: Are we expecting any new outlets in the near future?
M: Outside H14, 2 new outlets are expected; one is a Coca-Cola Kiosk, and other is Mom’s Khana which is going to be a fast food joint.

Sunrise Dhaba

I: What was aim of setting up this place?
M: We wanted a proper dhaba style food outlet with focus on non-vegetarian dishes, since most of other places in campus are majorly vegetarian and there was no good outlet for ‘Indian-Non Vegetarian’ food. Its main attractions are chicken biryani and a few other non vegetarian dishes. A broad motto would be to have different cuisines available in IIT, and it fulfills that.

I: Do you believe that Sunrise Dhaba is under-performing in any fashion?
M: Sunrise Dhaba started off with revenue of Rs. 3000 per day. Brewberry, on the other hand, started off with almost Rs. 15000 per day. Eventually, it settled at about Rs. 8000. Even, Sunrise Dhaba has settled at around Rs. 8000. So, it is definitely not underperforming. Nevertheless, the location of a food outlet plays a huge role in boosting its performance. If Sunrise Dhaba would have been located near H5, it would have earned revenue over Rs. 12000.

I: Why is the menu limited to such few dishes?
M: Menu has been kept short intentionally. Though it has a bigger kitchen than hostel canteens, menu is very limited as compared to them. It is with the aim of serving better quality food.