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Critical parts of AUV-IITB were reported missing at around 7:30 pm on the 21st of March. The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is our college’s entry at the Robosub International Underwater Vehicle Competition to be held at San Diego in July. The missing parts (see picture) were the product of 8 months of intense work by the students, and were made of very expensive parts.

The AUV-IITB team, comprising around 25 students from different branches, were in the testing phase for their second vehicle Matsya 2.0. After testing the vehicle at the IIT Bombay swimming pool at around 7.30pm, the team is unable to trace the entire stack of electronic boards which form a very critical component of the AUV.

The stack was in a carton labelled “Digi-Key”, approximately 1 cubic feet in volume. If anyone has any clue about the whereabouts of the box, kindly share the information with the AUV team at any any of the following numbers. The AUV team assures a very grand treat to the finders, and solicits your help in spreading the word.

9324112772 / 9769340232 / 9867582871/ 8879006187 / 9820718028

Pic: The missing parts