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Antarchakshu, the flagship awareness and sensitisation event organised by the Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, saw hundreds of participants go through an eye-opening experience with their eyes shut. The experiential workshop was part of the XRCVC’s endeavour at building a more inclusive social, educational and financial milieu for the visually challenged. XRCVC is a support and advocacy centre aiming to work towards the holistic development of visually challenged people. This year, Abhyuday, STAB and the IDC Department collaborated to bring this initiative to IIT Bombay in collaboration with XRCVC.

This year the event focussed on the following three objectives:
1. Promoting the study of STEM subjects among the visually impaired
2. Accessibility and Universal Design
3. Existing and past works in the IITs with respect to the above


“The central idea of this three day event was to”>”>dresses.html”>”>dress some vital questions about the lives of the visually challenged. Antarchakshu primarily focused on the theme of Science, Technology, and Accessibility. Through the Antarchakshu experience, our aim was to demystify accessibility and make sure that its basic principles are easily understood and made practical to one and all,”, said Dr Sam Taraporevala, Director, XRCVC.

The event encouraged youth towards working for betterment of visually impaired folks. The event helped one realize the difficulties that blind people face and their efforts in overcoming them. A 20 minute practical experience was organized to create awareness by giving simulations on how a blind person feels and perceives the world around him.


STAB also organized a hackathon giving one an opportunity to work on ideas aimed at making disabled people’s life easier and comfortable.