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Events in red are those that haven’t been started or there has been no satisfactory development in this regard.
Events in blue are those that have been initiated but not completed, or there have been some developments in this regard.
Events in green are those that have been completed as described in the manifesto, or have seen satisfactory developments.


[gsreview title=”Propose Industry-Institute interaction in the form of workshops and seminars to build relationships with core companies” color=”red”]Not enough effort from council towards this.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Increase the size of Internship cell for PGs by coordinating with placement cell” color=”blue”]Though there was an increase, it was not in proportion to the claims that the GSAA made during campaigning.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Try to raise the issue of Stipend hike for PG students” color=”green”]Very effective handling. Used as a escape-away option for other manifesto bullet points as higher priority was given to this.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Push for the dispatch of Aakash Tablets to students in the start of next academic year” color=”green”]Done effectively.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Proposal to conduct bi-annual progress seminar after 4th year of PhD” color=”red”]The GS claims that the students did not want this to happen as it would be an additional load instead of a facility.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose to allow students to use selected classrooms as study room in Main Building, for night study, throughout the year” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose a late night tea canteen in academic area in coordination with GSHA” color=”blue”]Approved but implementation is in the pipeline. Dean IPS has asked for exact dimentions and map of eateries; this is being worked on.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”For a course, request to include latest developments in its field as a part of course curriculum” color=”red”]Infeasible point.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Organize a Research Weekend where researchers from all departments will interact with each other for the exchange of ideas ” color=”blue”]While writing down this point the GS had an idea of conducting it separately from RESCON but then now they are merged.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Start blog on PGAC website to update students with recent and upcoming activities” color=”red”]No updates on the blog. This year, the GS directly wrote in GPO mails. Sharing the details, especially about the stipend hike, is in the pipeline.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Enable a Research Discussion forum on PG Academic Council website” color=”green”]A link has been created on the website but there is not enough discussion.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose a Centralized MTP and TA duty allotment portal ” color=”blue”]Green signal for TA allotment from the institute. As for MTP allotment, there is a section on PGAC website where one can see the projects being floated in the departments. GS claims that MTP portal is opposed by professors as they believe interaction with professors is better suited for selecting projects compared to a portal.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Coordinate with SARC to arrange guest lectures by PG Alumni ” color=”red”]Not only this, people feel the connect with the alumni was lost in this tenure. No alumni specificity of RESCON as well. The GS claims that all necessary inputs were given to SARC but there was no response from the alumni.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose to float topic and brief description of projects before admissions of PhD for those departments where it is possible ” color=”red”]Infeasible point.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Conduct a meet of Student Companions with their allotted students once in every 2 months” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Push for increase in collaborations with industries and foreign universities to promote research internships and exchange programmes” color=”blue”]Database of universities and programs to target is being made.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Increase involvement of PG entrants in PGAC by selecting ACC within first two months of the start of new academic year” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Follow up on Application tracking system which will minimize paper work involved in applications being submitted at academic office ” color=”red”]This point is in the pipeline.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Follow up on preferential TA allotment in all academic units ” color=”red”]This point is in the pipeline.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Push as many departments as possible to issue PG Minors ” color=”blue”]All departments but IDC have shot down the proposal. IDC minors are also not finalised yet.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose to increase number of course and reference books in library (wherever 10:1 ratio is not fulfilled)” color=”red”]According to GS, the renovation took precedence over updation.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Push to update course description in ASC in coordination with GSAA-UG” color=”red”]Infeasible point.[/gsreview]

Information Dissemination And Awareness

[gsreview title=”Will make efficient communication linking between students and core council via AURAA” color=”green”]This time around the academic council was able to penetrate more with help of AURAAs[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Arrange guidance sessions for students willing to pursue doctoral or post-doctoral education” color=”red”]Not high priority compared to other points, as per the GS.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose a workshop to use lab equipments, safety measures and result analysis” color=”red”]This point is in the pipeline.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=” Arrange club fair for PG entrants during orientation ” color=”blue”]Though this was not carried out during orientaation but multiple collaborations with these clubs throughout the tenure has tried to achieve the same outcome.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Create awareness among PG students regarding post of PG nominee in various clubs and available opportunities in technical and extra-curricular activities” color=”green”]Two PoR sessions were conducted in the tenure. There was an increase in the response as 5 people initially filed nominations for GSAA-PG.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Basic programming languages like C, C++, Python, etc. as per requirements” color=”green”]Excellently executed.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Research software skills like MATLAB, LaTeX, etc. ” color=”green”]Excellently executed.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Soft skills workshop focused for PG students” color=”red”]This point is in the pipeline.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Fit activities to be organized by PG Academic council in a Calendar and work accordingly in coordination with ISCP and IRSCP” color=”blue”]IRSCP claims that the coordination was lacking.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Focus on updating department websites periodically ” color=”red”]Infeasible point. The GS claims that calling a DGSC meet turned out to be impossible as there is no database of DGSCs.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Work with GSHA for allotment of accommodation before arrival of new PG entrants Push to associate a PG nominee with GSHA” color=”blue”]It was smoother than in the previous year. The GS was involved in the re-allotment of hostels to 2nd year students.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Propose a yearly curriculum review meet for each department” color=”red”]Infeasible point. Attributed to problems in calling a DGSC meet.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Ensure smooth functioning of Tum Tum” color=”blue”]Not his mandate.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Create and maintain electronic database of PG students ” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Make PGAC website more user friendly” color=”green”]New website was made.[/gsreview]

[gsreview title=”Conduct regular surveys and get feedbacks of students on any improvement in functioning of PGAC or facilities in institute” color=”blue”]Partially done.[/gsreview]