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Saturday, 9th April

The workshop a cohesively planned 1-session stint with Urdu, was a success in both numbers and effectiveness. Antariksh Bothale conducted the workshop at MB-1 in the presence of approximately 80 students. It began with a discussion of the structure and formation of the script- the cursive nature, the usage (or lack there-of) of vowel prefixes/suffixes (matras). After acquiring a firm enough grasp of the basic structure and vowel-consonant interaction, we went on to the particulars of the script- i.e. the letters themselves. This was done efficiently using a comprehensive study of some distinct letter templates. The process was extremely successful; by the end of the workshop pretty much everyone was reading fluently off Urdu newspapers. More than 60 enthusiastic learners showed up and there have been recurring demands for a second workshop.

Bodhi Vani
Convener, Literati