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EVo 3.0

On the 1st of June, 2014, the institute geared up for the rollout of the IITB Racing’s new offering, the EVo 3.0, which is now all set to speed its way on the Silverstone circuit, UK in July to take part in the Formula Student 2014, the largest student motorsport competition in the world. Pre-launch, the institute witnessed heavy publicity for the event, which seems to have paid off, as the car was officially launched with the PC Saxena Auditorium (LT) crowded nearly to capacity on a hot Sunday afternoon.

The vehicle is IITB’s entry for Formula Student 2014, an event run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers- IMechE, a UK based body, which challenges student engineers to design, build and race a single seat race-car within a year.

The event started with an introduction of the team, and of the various sub-systems of EVo 3.0. This was followed by an”>”>dresses.html”>”>dress by the chief guests, Prabal Sharma, Chairman of IMechE, and Dilip Chawathe, eminent auto-engineer and IMechE fellow. The team was also awarded the Formula Student award (awarded only to two non-UK teams) – a cash prize of £2500 on stage. “The award is given on the basis of how detailed our vision and planning is this year, and how much we are improving as compared to the last year. Publishing seven research papers this year must have surely aided us in getting this award,” says Akshay Goyal, Chief Operations Manager.

EVo 3.0 is an energy-efficient electric car, the product of 60 students from the electrical and mechanical divisions. With a weight of 250 kgs, the car reaches 100 kmph in a mere 4 seconds and attains a maximum speed of 100kmph with a battery pack of 26 cells giving energy of 5 Kwh via lithium ion cells with a maximum voltage of 110 V and 720 A current. The weight is a significant improvement from the previous editions. The team has equipped the car with electronic differential and carbon fibre components in order to make the vehicle as lightweight as possible. This car also boasts of a real time Data Acquisition system, for the first time, which will continuously transmit data on the batteries and motors. This will thus help the team at the pit stop know the exact status of the vehicle, and help them take time-saving decisions.

The team then went on to thank all the sponsors, after which came the most awaited moment of the event – a small video was played, as all lights were switched off, and amidst dry ice and fluorescent lighting on the stage, the veil was lifted, to reveal the outline of the car. The chief guests and the Director then lifted the satin cloth, to reveal the car, with the whole team present on stage. “It was a very thrilling moment for the entire team to see the culmination of the hard work that the entire team has put in to see this car come out,” says Siddhesh Sakhalkhar, team captain.

A test run on the hill side road was flagged off by the Director, Devang Khakkar.

This was followed by a test run on the hill side road behind VMCC and IDC, which was flagged off by the Director, Devang Khakkar himself, to a whole lot of cheers by the team. Here’s wishing the team all the very best for the competition, and hoping that EVo 3.0 makes us all proud at the international arena.

In the words of Prof. Ramesh Singh, the faculty advisor of IITB Racing team “IITB Racing Experience provides an excellent platform for undergraduate students to apply the concepts learnt in classroom in action. It gives valuable hands-on experience which enables them to be better engineers and succeed in their chosen careers. There are examples of the team members from past three years who have joined the best companies in automotive sector throughout the world like Tesla and Altair Engineering and published papers in the best international technical conferences like SAE and ASME. India is one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world and the industry here requires students who bring technological expertise to the automobile industry. I sincerely believe that IIT Bombay Racing has the potential to make significant contribution to satisfy this need.”