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This article is an endeavour to bring forth the opportunities in the Indian Administrative Services, which for most of us stay hidden beneath the job profiles of finance, consultancy, analytics and many more.

As IITians, we are considered to be a very talented lot. We are offered the best jobs with plenty of opportunity and incentives. Companies thrive on the IITian talent, and the individual grows at a steady pace. But then, what difference does our toil make to our country? To the people who stay on the roads, and have no water to drink?

The profile of an IAS officer has the potential to make policies that affect millions of life. Your intelligence and talent can formulate the best possible policy for all social classes which after implementation would change the lives of many people including those who can’t even manage 2 meals a day.

It is true that if you are an administrative officer, you are in a system that is corrupt and for many, frustrating. Then again, there have been many examples of IAS officers who have stood against dishonesty and consequently become media celebrities.  An honest and creative person can have a tremendous impact and leave his/her mark on the job.

Civil Services is also a job opportunity that exists for us in India. Most students enter the job in their mid-20s, with some work experience, and various exit options. The Teach for India and social entrepreneurship trend has been picking up in the institute of late. We should consider Civil Services with the same enthusiasm.

While there are some students preparing for IAS exams in the institute right now, some seniors who have gone down this road include Amit Arora, BS Raj Meena, Abhijit Bhole and Shaama Sharada.

-Mayank Agarwal