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Feeding the needy, one meal at a time!

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s nationwide lockdown has critically affected the migrant population. Lacking jobs and money, and with no means to go home, hundreds of thousands of poor migrant laborers and daily wage laborers are left stranded with meager resources to their names. The biggest issue they face right now is the lack of food. The global pandemic has also brought a hunger crisis to the slums of Mumbai.

The Annapurna Movement comes forward as a messiah in these tough times trying to make sure nobody has to sleep hungry.

Annapurna Movement

The Annapurna Movement is a group of volunteers who have undertaken the lead to feed migrant workers in Mumbai. The core team knew each other from previous volunteering experience at Robin Hood Army. As the city went into lockdown, these brave-hearts got together to ensure that every migrant worker had a meal for the day.
Till date, they have raised 25 lac+ from a personal network of friends and family, which has contributed to the purchase of 4000+ grocery kits. They’ve distributed a total of 1,20,000+ cooked meals and 40 tons+ of food grains.

All distribution costs are volunteer borne. The team has an essential services pass and have been on the ground since 11th April.

Annapurna’s Efforts

Meal distribution

Since 11th April, Annapurna has been providing 4000 meals daily (2000 in lunch & dinner each). They have partnered with Rotary Club Chembur (W) and Rotary Club Deonar for the daily supply of cooked meals. They ensure the timely distribution of meals and also encourage everyone to follow social distancing norms.

Grocery kit distribution

They’ve also partnered up with grocers around Mumbai to purchase and deliver essential grocery kits. A typical grocery kit costs INR 630 and should last a four-member family for about 15-20 days. The kit contains 4 kg Rice, 2 kg Atta, 2 kg Dal, 1 kg Sugar, 1L Oil, salt, spice mix, and soap.

How does Annapurna stand out from the crowd?

Ensuring complete transparency

In an effort to make sure their donors have a completely transparent view of their work, Annapurna Movement has created a special section on their website on Transparency ( 

Here they share end-to-end details about fund utilization and daily distribution drives. They also include individual invoices against each purchase from the grocers so everyone can see all details about the grocery kits. One can see the Excel they maintain at Annapurna Movement/Fund Tracking.

Details about each day’s distribution drives are also shared in the form of geotagged, time-stamped images. One can view a complete catalog of all their day wise activities from this Google Drive folder: Annapurna Movement/Activity Log.

Under the Ketto campaign, the movement is trying to raise another INR 15 lac to provide 2000+ grocery kits to families who need it the most. For as little as INR 630, you can ensure a family has grocery supplies for 20 days+

Be a part of a noble cause and do your bit by supporting the Annapurna Movement by contributing to the donation of much-needed funds. Your charity can make a huge difference to help feed a family. 

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