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Exclusive previews by IITBBC

PAF III Preview – ‘Delhi Beats’, H2 – H8 – H11 – Tansa

Watch Delhi Beats on the 21st of March, 8pm, OAT

Trailer Video for PAF III, ‘Delhi Beats’:

Upcoming PAF: March 25: PAF IV – H4, H6, H10, H1

PAF II Preview – ‘Mandali’, H5 – H9 – H12

Watch ‘Mandali’ at 8pm, OAT – SAC, Monday 18th March

Trailer Video for PAF II, ‘Mandali’:

PAF I Preview – ‘Satrangi’, H3 – H7 – H13 – H14
March 15, 8pm, OAT

Trailer video for PAF I: