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The main gate at IITB has often been a hot topic of discussion in the institute; students feel that a concrete structure befitting of a world class institution, one which showcases both technological and infrastructural brilliance, is a necessity rather than a luxury. It has been several years now that the bamboo scaffolding holding up huge sheets of black canvas served as the main gate, an official air imparted around the same solely due to the presence of security guards. However, it is all about to change, as the Dean Infrastucture Planning and Support (IPS), Prof. K.V. Krishna Rao reveals to InsIghT in an interview.

Why was the construction of a main gate delayed all these years?

A new gate is on the way. Plans of constructing a main gate began several years ago. It was delayed due to the reconstruction and widening of the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. The actual work began in 2010. SSA Architects, a design consultancy, was appointed for designing all the 3 gates. The design submitted by them underwent a lot of review. What is stipulated time of completion?

You can expect a new main gate, market gate and lakeside gate within the next 6 months.

How will the design be like?

The main gate design has an aesthetic appeal, apart from just security concerns. Security kiosks will be installed at the main gate and YP gate. The kiosk has seating and toilet facility also. For example, presently, students without I cards are not allowed into the institute. With the security kiosks installed, they can rest in there until the issue is sorted out.

Any other additions?

Main gate road will be widened into a four lane road. Vehicles with IIT stickers can go through a fast track lane. A pedestrian flyover will also be constructed outside the main gate.

The picture painted certainly looks promising. Howe-ver, in light of all the roadblocks that have till now delayed its construction, how grand the final structure eventually turns out to be remains to be seen.