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Athul Nambolan

Athul Nambolan

Analysis of the GSTA Athul Nambolan’s manifesto points reveals that many of the manifesto points are in the process of implementation. Some of them have been fulfilled to some extent, and some points saw some modifications. While progress can be seen in terms of initiatives to improve interclub and intertech team interactions, many of the plans are yet to be executed fully.

There has been ongoing progress on the technical projects front. To deal with the summer’s ITSP projects, there has been work done on standardising the documentation. Summer projects planned by the previous council were executed, and work on winter projects has commenced. As promised, a collaboration with TCTD was done, and there was joint session with NSS. Recently, an online platform called ‘Open Projects’ was launched to facilitate project proposals, execution etc from interested students who wish to pursue a project of their interest.

When it comes to clubs and tech GCs, most of the manifesto points are still ongoing. This has to do with the continuous nature of the clubs and GCs which extend throughout the tenure. There has been a change in focus of the GCs towards improved amenities and sustainability, and the redundant Jhatka GC was scrapped. So far, there has been some inter-club interaction among clubs. There was a combined movie screening, and there are group-discussion events planned for the future. There has been a collaboration with Techfest-Tata Makeathon, to integrate one of its phases as the Aero GC. Team participation has been ensured from our institute in KPIT Sparkle, and there are ongoing talks of collaborating with ECell. Further participation in other national-cum-international events is awaited. Events of the energy club which was integrated with the ITC last year are being scaled up and more events are in the pipeline. STAB room currently stores inventory, there are some infrastructural touch-ups deemed to be completed.

The TL committee for decisions on the TL equipment has yet to formalise faculty for the purpose. Work has to be done on the tagging system for inventory management. Infrastructure like the locker facility was established, work on others is deemed to be in the pipeline. Training sessions for TL-active users were done for the freshers, further sessions are planned in the future. However, this will not totally be obviating the need for the presence of technicians.

Work on the student tech newsletter is almost fully complete, and is expected to go out soon. Next, there is a tech design team in place which was formed this year. The model of Online Knowledge Sharing Platform as was promised in the manifesto remains a broken point. Instead, the focus is being shifted to a Reddit-based platform.

There have been initiatives to increase the interaction among tech teams in the institute. One presentation session to enable knowledge exchange has been done once. There are workshops and more such sessions planned for future. Some changes in Tech & RnD expo and Inter- IIT Tech meet have been introduced. The Tech & RnD expo saw an additional collaboration with DRAs( Department Research Associates) and Academic council to include academic projects. With the Inter-IIT tech meet happening here this time, early appointment of the contingent leaders and formation of project teams has been done. The first Inter-IIT Tech Meet Constitution was framed as well. Many collaborations for the tech meet are under way.

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