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Anmol Gupta

Anmol Gupta

GSAA UG has successfully completed 19 out of the 45 points proposed in the manifesto, so far. Almost all sections of the manifesto have seen close to, or more than, 50% completion of points, with the Web and Infrastructure section being the only exception. Student Support Services has seen 4 out of 5 points completed already.

Here is a summary of the tenure so far.

Points completed:

A total of 19 points have been already executed successfully.

Among the key initiatives, the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Programme has successfully been extended to IEOR, BSBE and SysCon departments.

A tentative documented list of available institute electives and department electives at the time of registration including the allowed tags has been made available for more effective information dissemination.

Student Support Services has seen 4 points out of the 5 on manifesto already completed. Among the more visible ones of those was the online comic strip launched to dispel the stigma about counselling.

In Enpower, talks by professors and students in “Curiosity” – a series of informative talks/discussions on trending research topics have been organised. Besides, the Tech and RnD Exposition was expanded to include an industrial showcase of top notch research.

In Career Cell, a structured program for placement preparation in sync with placement activities has been launched. Grad-Lookbacks, an online series of professionally successful IITB graduates has also been launched.

Among new clubs, the DAV team was successfully formed and recently released their first project, while cross-club events in the areas of technical consulting and financial analytics have also been conducted.

The Exchange Mapper, a portal providing course-mapping across various universities for all departments and semesters, was also recently launched to help students plan Semester Exchanges.

A Differently Abled Group was formed for easier and quick resolution of grievances of people with special needs.

Points in Progress:

21 points from the manifesto are currently in progress.

Key initiatives like proposing for a semester-long internship from the Placement Cell for fast-tracking degrees, is being discussed with Placement Team and Department General Secretaries.

A proposal to reinstate the FF grades in place of FR has been submitted to the Dean AP and discussions are ongoing. The proposal to increase the VPN limit to beyond 100 during registrations has been approved.

Plans for the proposed Student Lounge in Lecture Hall Complex are also underway, with the design approved and space allocated. The funding remains to be arranged.

A proposal to include lab courses on the lines of Electronic Design Lab in EE, in other departments to give students a flavour of technical research within the curriculum itself is being drafted with Civil Engineering and Chemistry among the departments being targeted.

A platform has been finalized for the proposed online discussion forum for competitive examinations like GATE and GRE. Rules and policies for the group are being discussed, with the launch expected sometime later this year.

Points not yet worked upon:

5 points on the manifesto have not seen much progress so far.

Among the key initiatives, proposal for fast-tracking of Dual Degree programs has not been worked with.

A proposal for liberalizing the Branch Change Policy by increasing the number of students who are allowed to enter or leave a department has also not seen much work so far.

Work on the proposed PWTs – project walk-throughs, to be organized by senior members of Consult Club, has not progressed much either.

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