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The opening line of the brochure said, “You are surrounded by walls.” For anyone who knows Xavier’s affinity to the walls, this was truly amusing.
Malhar just concluded this Monday and like every year and we continue our love-hate relationship with it. There were more low points than high but they did pleasantly surprise us on some fronts. As they say, love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it.

So as a tribute, I’ve broken down this year’s Malhar into The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

The Good:
1. Silverware: We won the 2nd Runner Up for the first time and the Literary Arts trophy for the nth time. So good for us.
2. Competition: The competition was good in the performing arts with stellar performances by some of the other colleges. Malhar is still the place to prove your mettle in most events.
3. Maal: The winner of JAM got a 19” LCD TV, the General Quiz winner won a trip to Dubai and the winner of word games got at least vouchers worth 11k each.

The Bad:
1. Rules: Malhar lived up to the reputation of setting ridiculous rules and expecting colleges to obey them without question. One of the rules was to show them the script of Triacting finals 2 weeks before the event, which you don’t know if you’ll qualify.
2. Spectate: There were no on the spot events, so if you came just on the final days-you had to just sit and watch.
3. Aam Junta: Malhar is on the decline, which was clear from the fewer people that showed up. Jai Hind boycotted this Malhar and many more colleges may follow suit to give Umang a shot. It’s just not as big anymore.

The Ugly:
1. The labyrinth: How do you be a pain to people coming for your fest? Block a part of the corridor in the middle so that everyone who wants to go across has to go a floor down and then up again from the other side. Then block the staircase on the other side of the floor below and make it a one-way so you can’t get to back up. Then call participants to the inaccessible section and tell them if they don’t show up in 3 minutes, they will be disqualified.
2. Security: Chopsticks are deadly weapons and they wouldn’t allow a Samsung Tab because they didn’t know what it was.
3. Chor??: FA winners got only cosmetics and Fusion band winners got a T-shirt. One of the organisers told me that their marketing department was stealing the Levi’s vouchers from all the gift bags, how true this is, I guess we’ll never know.

– Rushabh Shah
CL: Malhar