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What was in the offing for more than a decade now has taken birth in a modern form – the first ever Inter IIT E-Weekend starts this Friday.

For decades now, the General Secretaries of various IITs in their annual summit have been trying to expand inter-IIT competitions to spheres beyond just sports. However, logistic issues which come with having to host 2000 people on campus was always a deterrent. To add to that, the fact that IITs have their own cultural festivals, unlike sports, always made it difficult to find a calendar slot agreeable to every IIT. Reportedly, the first major initiative to organize a full scale InterIIT Competitions, involving cultural and technical spheres, was by IIT Kanpur around August 2011. This proposal too ran into rough weather owing to logistical and calendar constraints.

[pullquote]”With this initiative, we hope we are finally successful in moving towards the aim of extending InterIIT to spheres beyond sports. We hope we will soon be able to give all IITs a platform to compete against each other, gauge each others’ capabilities and infrastructure, and to collectively improve” – Poorna Chandra, GS Culturals, IIT Bombay[/pullquote]

With the necessity to battle these constraints gave birth to InterIIT E-Weekend – a competition for the IITS to battle it out in the cultural sphere. Entries will be solicited online, for Short Film Making, Photography, Comic Strip Making, Digital Arts, Creative Writing, Online Crypt Hunt and Original Musical Compositions.

The first InterIIT E-Weekend will be hosted by IIT Bombay and organized by its Institute Cultural Council. Beginning at 9pm on Friday, 5th April it will continue through the weekend. The detailed descriptions, rules and regulations may be found at rules and regulations – InterIIT E-Weekend