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Hopefully, the latest print edition of Insight has found its way to your doorsteps. The current issue covers a range of issues from water consumption patterns and academic reforms, to gender (in)equality and depression in the institute. Do give a read. You can find the pdf here

Alternatively, you can read it on ISSUU.

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Here’s the errata from the printed newsletter.

Page 1

The heatmap of water supply across the institute has been printed in grayscale. Here’s the full-colour heatmap

map take 3

Page 8

The legend for the graph on gender bias should be corrected to

  1. Completely towards Men
  2. Slightly towards Men
  3. Slightly towards Women
  4. Completely towards Women

Here’s the graph with the corrected legend:

Layer 2

Page 9

The colours on the graph for the results of “What do you recognize yourself as?” were incorrectly printed on the newsletter. Here’s the correct version