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The past week saw IIM Indore host the 10th edition of Nihilanth – a quiz competition conducted annually exclusively for students of IITs and IIMs. The fest, considered to be a pinnacle for college quizzing, regularly sees attendance by some of the best quizmasters in India, and this year was no different. 3 days of back-to-back quizzing saw 6 quizzes conducted by Vikram Joshi, Chandrakant Nair, Suraj Menon, Navin Rajaram, Ramanand J, Venkatesh Srinivasan and Sachin Ravi. With over 257 participants from the elite institutions of India, this year saw a significant increase in attendees compared to previous editions.

IIT Bombay sent a contingent of 20 students, and saw some really strong performances.
We started off in great fashion with the trio of Prakhar Gupta, Prateek Vijayvargiya and Sandeep Mathias winning the General Quiz. Some good quizzing over the next few days earned us several more positions in the finals, with the team of Anuj Shetty, Harshit Sahay and Sandeep Mathias finishing third in the MELA (Music, Ent, Literature and Arts) quiz. With two teams in both the Sci Tech (Abhay Vikram, Akshay Subramaniam, Parantap Singh and Nishit Dedhia, Mihir Bhosale, Shardul Vaidya) and Business (Atul Gupta, Parantap Singh, Prateek Vijayvargiya and Soham Gaunekar, Rishi Vanukuru, Tejas Srinivasan) quizzes coupled with a 4th position in the India quiz for Atul Gupta, Prateek Vijayvargiya and Akshay Subramaniam, this edition saw one of the strongest performances by the institute. In the Lone Wolf quiz, Prakhar Gupta and Abhay Vikram made it to the finals, boosting our point tally to put us in 3rd behind IIT Delhi and the winners IIT Madras.

Let’s hope that this year’s showing would be a shot in the arm for the quizzing culture on the campus, leading to even stronger performances in the upcoming editions of this prestigious competition.