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Over the past week, of the 345 inmates of H7 (Lady of the Lake), 152 have been shunted to H6 (Vikings) and the other 193 to H9 (Pluto) for their daily victuals. This has been necessitated by a delay in the renovation of the H7 mess that was due to begin on 16 June but only got underway on 11 July, a week before 345 ravenous individuals were to descend upon the hostel.

The delay was caused by some problems with the tender for the renovation contract. The H7 Hall Manager has reassured the students that normal service will resume by 1 August.

While some may accuse Insight of pursuing this article solely for the pun staring out from the headline, it is necessary to point out the inconvenience caused to students from all the three hostels involved. With normal mess seating capacities of 128, messes are equipped to handle 400 odd students. But the approximately 35% increase in messers (who are also, incidentally, Messrs) has seen several students having to eat their lunch standing up, or in the hostel lounges during the rush-hour period from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm.

We would like to commend, though, how Hostels 6 and 9 have stepped up to the plate to help a fellow Hostel in need, despite not being completely spatially equipped to handle the influx. The process of setting up a mess card and eating meals in a different hostel has been hassle-free and straightforward, if a little taxing due to having to wait for the crowd to disperse.

With this latest hiccup in the Institute’s infrastructural preparedness, we wonder when, if ever, there will be a completely smooth entry for students into a new academic year at IIT-Bombay.

Nonetheless, does this mean that Hostel 7 inmates will soon be completely equipped to settle the debate about the best mess of the Lakeside? Only time will tell.