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Rohit Chaudhary and Kavin Agrawal, two senior undergraduates from the department of Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay, have co-founded Hind AI Labs, an AI based tech start-up. Recently, they launched their first app, the AIR Scanner App (Try it here: AIR Scanner ) which has been touted as an indigenous replacement of the once popular CamScanner as it provides novel features like Document Scanning, AI Reading Assistant and Dictionary. Having garnered immense acclaim for championing the Make-In-India spirit and a 4.8 star rating on Play Store, Rohit and Kavin told us about their journey to accomplish all this!

Hind AI Labs is missioned to incorporate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to develop or invent solutions that can help save time and effort. Rohit wanted to build an AI reading assistant for quite some time. He says, “ The fascination came from high-end technologies used in Sci-Fi movies.” After sharing the idea with a few of his friends, he found Kavin to be matching his level of enthusiasm. Having previously worked together on research projects and hackathons, they are amazing as a team. Regarding why they zeroed in on this idea, Rohit said, “ We surveyed a few hundred people (from the target audience) to get an idea about the product’s demand. We got a positive result and decided to go ahead with the idea. Amidst the journey, the Indian government initiated the AtmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, followed by a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including CamScanner. It motivated us to integrate a Document Scanner in our app to expand the target audience segment.”

Startup journeys are never smooth and this one was no exception. ”We had to be all-rounders”, says Rohit, explaining that in order to establish a stable baseline for their first product (AIR Scanner), they did everything ranging from back-end to front-end(UI), web development to marketing, designing posters to creating videos.

“We learnt things on the go as we were newbies in more than half of the tasks that we did.” Another major challenge was developing custom features that were unique to AIR Scanner because they had to be conceptualized and coded from scratch. 

To ensure a quality product Rohit says that, “At every step, we tried a variety of methods and chose the best one. At this point, having a mentor in the respective field could have saved our time. Also, our timeline collided with the summer internship period, so time management was even more crucial. We utilized the weekends in the best possible way to stick to our deadlines.”

About their career plans, Kavin says that he has a vision of using AI to solve challenging tasks prevailing in the IT industry. “I am not sitting for placements . Regarding future studies, I would instead like to keep my cards folded.”, he adds. On the other hand, Rohit is planning to sit for placements and will parallelly be working with Hind AI Labs. After gaining some corporate experience, he plans to do an MBA in IT.

In the short term, the Hind AI Lab wants to focus on innovating EdTech products to make learning easy and interesting. In the long term, they aim to be a leading firm in creating AI-based solutions with the target to solve problems in multiple domains.

Kudos to their amazing teamwork and efforts to add value to the society. While this app is just the beginning, we can expect many more amazing products from the Hind AI Labs. Insight wishes the Hind AI Labs team all the best for their amazing future.


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