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The Institute General Body Meets (GBMs) are conducted twice every year with the intent to provide all students a convenient mechanism to provide feedback and”>”>dresses.html”>”>dress concern to the student representatives responsible for various amenities on campus.
The GBM for GS Hostel Affairs is scheduled from 5:30 PM on 3rd April in the P. C. Saxena Auditorium.

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Sarthak Agrawal, General Secretary Hostel Affairs 2015-16

Sarthak Agrawal, General Secretary Hostel Affairs 2015-16

Events in red are those that haven’t been started or there has been no satisfactory development in this regard.
Events in orange are those that have been initiated but not completed, or there have been some developments in this regard.
Events in green are those that have been completed as described in the manifesto, or have seen satisfactory developments.


    FlexiMeal Messing Options

  • Initiate ‘Choose your Meal’ system for messes to provide students with a variety of set-meal options as a substitute to regular mess food, at no additional cost

      While approval has been obtained for ‘Choose your Meal’ system, the choice of opting out of mess facility has made the scheme less relevant

  • Push for a ‘Daily Non-Veg Messing Service’ through a separate Non Veg card subscription

      Has already been implemented in H12, 13, 14 and is to be implemented in other hostels soon

  • Propose an Institute Dabbawala Service for delivery of hostel mess food to students in the academic area at nominal charges during lunch and dinner hours

      Contractual agreement has been reached with hostels 12, 13 and 14. To be implemented soon

  • Ensure a transition to an online mess rebate system based on a uniform mess rebate policy

      Hostels, as of now, do not have uniform policies on mess rebate which is impeding execution.

    Institute Eateries’ Reforms

  • Ensure round the clock availability of eating options through overnight campus eatery and the proposed snack vending machines in both the Academic Area and Hostel Area

      Tenders for snack vendors have been floated along with tenders for eateries of Amul and Sunrise.

  • Set up a transparent Central Dining Committee for professional food inspection across campus on parameters like hygiene, quality of raw materials, nutritional value and taste

      Completed during the Autumn semester

Follow ups: Food Court near H15-16 (While approval is present, after unsuccessful lobbying, it has been pushed to the next budget); automated cooking machines; exhaust ducts inside hostel messes; (completed during the Autumn semester); pizza outlet on campus (rejected due to high cost); permanent sheds over Institute Eateries (the proposal is under consideration with the Dean IPS)


  • Propose to part-privatize existing medical insurance plans
    – Atleast a 4-fold increase in medical cover to 4 lakh rupees at no additional premium
    – Cashless surgical & medical treatment across India (during internships or trips to home)
    – Free Comprehensive Health Check-ups of students

      A dedicated Hospital Committee was set up and issues identified. The issues were raised in the latest SAC meeting.

  • Strive for a compendious ‘Hospital Management System’ with online medical records to prevent information loss, ensure ease of access, reduce time wastage and maintain privacy

      A meet regarding the issue happened in early March. Agreement with a private organisation has been reached

  • Collaborate with private hospital(s) to set up an OPD facility and a medical store on campus
  • Ensure the setup of basic hospital infrastructural facilities including but not limited to Wi-Fi routers, mosquito nets on windows and spring doors, and outsourced kitchen services

      Wi-Fi in hospitals and mosquito nets on windows are visible


  • Revamp the Guest House Booking system with a dynamic waitlist to ensure transparency (portal ready and to be implemented soon) and collaborate with guest houses nearby IIT at discounted rates
  • Re-establish the Canteen Committee with more student representatives to facilitate expansion in canteen menus and push for reduction in costs as part of the on-going hostel renovation

      A proposal was put forward and approved, for extension of canteen menu which would then lower the costs of all food items due to increase in variety.

  • Propose Hostel Delivery from H12,13,14 night canteen (Could not be implemented as the contractor is already overloaded) and the proposed fruit outlet on campus
  • Propose to extend hostel delivery timings for outside vendors from 10 PM to 11 PM

      Done in Autumn semester

  • Centralized dry cleaning facilities and Laundromats (pick up & delivery) in hostels

      ReachUs portal is under development where such facilities will be available for hire

Follow ups: Opposite sex washrooms in Hostel Area (will happen as and when hostels get renovated-starting from 1 and 4); SBI ATM; (Not completed due to contractor related problems); Extra Tatkal Counter (Rejected due to IRCTC rule that not more than one Tatkal counter can be set up in a radius of 5km); Hair Salon (Proposal sent to set up a salon in H15)


  • Campus WiFi – Installation of over 200 routers across the campus (Hostel Area, Academic Area, Campus Eateries) to improve the current connectivity for students

      Completed in the Autumn semester

  • Propose central on-call LAN repair system to ensure swift repairs reducing hostel council efforts

    CAMPUS TRANSPORT (Tum Tums, Cycles and Rickshaws)

  • Initiate the Express Bus Service – Propose to club hostels into groups, buses will ply from these groups to and from the academic area during peak hours

      The routes have been decided along with the frequency of the buses. Implementation to happen soon

  • Ensure the implementation of the proposed cycle pooling system

Follow ups: Tum-Tum Tracker project (The current application which has been developed is not working to satisfaction. Development of a new application to start soon); Cycle Repair Drives (Organized in Autumn semester as well as this one), Timestamp based ticketing for Autos (Completed in Autumn semester)


  • Ensure the proposed Air Conditioned Study Room facility is set up across hostels

      Alumni have agreed to fund it. Permission has been granted to Hostel 15 where technology testing will happen

  • Online PHO Portal and extend access to all students to ensure better maintenance and upkeep of the general housekeeping, cleanliness and hygiene

  • Hostel based PHO contracts to ensure the regular use of machinery like scrubbers, high pressure water cleaners, glass cleaning kits etc. for regular cleaning purposes
  • Central contract for hostel sports grounds to ensure easy maintenance

      Completed in Autumn semester

Follow ups: Accessories Availability (White Boards, Mirrors etc.) (To be enabled via the ReachUs portal); Internal connectivity between H14 and its mess (To be carried out through the Hostel Renovation Scheme); Construction of Multi-Purpose court in H15-16 premises (while a badminton court has been built, construction is on for others); Special Task Force issues (brought about in Autumn semester) Installation of doors, window nets in all bathrooms (To be carried out as and when Hostels get renovated- already done in H3); Implementation of room conditioning forms (done in Autumn semester)


  • Centralized assistance in relocation/shifting for students by providing packers and movers, trunks, security and luggage rooms in hostels etc. to ensure hassle free transition
  • Set up guidelines to facilitate easy hostel-transfers for students wishing to switch hostels
  • Implement the Online Room Retention Portal to ensure hassle free filing of paperwork

      Completed in Autumn semester

  • Web Hosting of applications/bills put up on display by hostel councils for hostel residents

      The Portal is almost ready – minor kinks to be smoothened out

  • Push for strict measures to ensure timely distribution of promised wages to the institute workers

      A system is under execution where workers are being notified of their wages systematically. Also, HCU has been assigned the responsibility to verify if due wages are being paid by the contractors to the workers


  • Establish an ‘IITB Community Network’ where students and alumni can create personal profiles with information about their interests, PoRs, achievements etc. to enable meaningful interaction

      A portal is under construction

  • Exchange 101: An year-long initiative targeted at increasing awareness about Exchange Programs with deliverables such as an Online Guidebook, Scholarship Database and Website Revamp

      Completed during Autumn semester


  • Incorporate sustainable Eco-Tech solutions towards an eco-friendly campus by introducing Smart Latch Systems (Incomplete due to Lack of finances), Street LEDs, Poster Recycling, Anti-Overflow System to save water Propose Campus Energy Matrix (CEM) auditing in hostels for efficient energy management Security
  • Implement and publicize Centralized Security Guidelines for students and security officers to increase awareness about security rules in the institute

      Completed during Autumn semester

  • Ensure even street lighting in Hostel Area to remove dark patches and improve security

    Lighting has improved near the Central Library and in the Academic Area

Follow ups: CCTV cameras in public areas (has been implemented and can be seen in all hostels); completion of Hostel Fencing (done for hostels 6, 4 and 9 due to strategic reasons)

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